May 24, 2022

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The same number of felled trees along the tramway

The same number of felled trees along the tramway

Despite the arrival of Bruno Marchand as mayor of Quebec City, the number of trees to be cut down along the tramway is currently the same as planned last October.

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In an update on the mega project, Marchand confirmed on Wednesday that the number of trees intended for extinction at this stage of the project was 1,584.

He promised to make up for the loss by planting a total of 30,000 additional trees at a rate of 20 trees per damaged tree.

Upon learning of the citizens’ association with the trees, especially on the Rene-Lewesk boulevard, the mayor said, “There are some eggs to break to make this omelette. If we had a choice, we would not cut one.

He said: [gaz à effet de serre]Which is huge.

During the recent municipal election campaign, Bruno Marchand, leader of the Quebec Forte at Fear (QFF), promised to avoid cutting down 60 to 70% of the trees planned for the current project.

When this is not possible, QFF is responsible for planting 20 trees for each tree felled in the same district.

On Wednesday, Thomas Goudrolt, mayor’s press secretary, said, “This is still the goal. We are still optimizing it. It’s a list, a starting point.”

Mixed responses

On Wednesday, Claude Villeneuve, Leader of the Opposition, welcomed the move, saying the October update had been made during the Labyrinth administration, from which his party had emerged.

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“It’s already planned. Nothing new was announced today [mercredi], So in this sense, we are very satisfied to continue on the same line. ⁇

Quebec 21 chief Eric Ralph Mercier had the most severe reaction. “The current government has not protected any trees. […] This is a project similar to the previous administration. This is the white cap, the white cap, ”he lamented.

For his part, Jackie Smith, head of Transition Quebec, said he was “surprised that the number of trees cut down did not change” even though the promises were important to many citizens.

Civil consultation

The city of Quebec has also confirmed that a tour will cover the 13 neighborhoods crossed by the tramway.

Seven civic partnership activities will be conducted. Information desks will be set up at work sites and dedicated streetcar information officers will be appointed at 311 to respond to concerns.

Mayor Marchchand did not rule out contacting the public on the name or appearance of the tramway.

The second phase identified four priority areas for the tramway, namely Charlesburg, Lర్borgnef, Quebec Airport and Palais Station.

What happens to the 7,133 trees along the 19.3 km route?

  • 5549 Protected or exchanged
  • 1584 Cut down trees, including:
    843 Mature trees
    417 Small trees or shrubs
    324 Ash trees (due to borer)

For forests

  • Protect as many trees as possible in the forests of Chowder, Rochebelle and Lacerte
  • Otherwise, “reforestation, conservation or restoration of an area equivalent to the one removed”

Calendar of upcoming public consultations

  • Cartier sector: Winter 2022
  • Cartier Square: 2022 spring
  • Saint-Charles-Garnier Station: 2022 spring
  • Boiler station: 2022 spring
  • Behind the Andre-P.-Boucher building: Summer 2022
  • Two stations in Maizerets: Summer 2022
  • Station 3E Avenue: Fall 2022
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Source: Quebec City

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