May 26, 2022

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Trudeau expands Canadian Armed Forces training mission in Ukraine

Trudeau expands Canadian Armed Forces training mission in Ukraine

The announcement was made by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Wednesday afternoon along with Deputy Prime Minister Christiana Freeland, National Defense Minister Anita Anand and Foreign Minister Melanie Jolie.

His decision was shared with the press at the end of the Council of Ministers’ virtual recession that began on Monday.

The Prime Minister must come to an agreement with Russia these days under increasing pressure to take the next steps to help Ukraine in crisis. Kiev is particularly asking for arms to be provided to Ottawa, although Canadian government assistance has so far been limited to financial and transport assistance.

A press briefing by Prime Minister Trudeau and his cabinet allowed the Liberal government to review the situation in Ukraine, where tensions have been high since Russia stationed tens of thousands of troops near the border between the two countries.

Photo: Canadian Press / Adrian Wilde

In other attempts, the Canadian Armed Forces Experts have been sent to Ukraine for many years to train Ukrainian troops as part of Operation UNIFIER.

On Wednesday, the Canadian government announced that the campaign would be extended to March 2025 and that 60 troops would join. In the next few days For the 200 people already there, The total workforce is likely to increase to 400.

This mission – in addition to the mobilization of about 900 members Canadian Armed Forces Justin Trudeau said, however, that part of Operation Resurrection – in Central and Eastern Europe – is not the goal of participating in a possible fight.

The defense of Canadian troops is clearly a priority for us, and despite allied diplomatic and other attempts to invade Ukraine, Russia has contingency plans if it ever decides., The Prime Minister assured.

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According to the latter, More than 30,000 Ukrainian soldiers Since its inception in 2015, they have been able to take advantage of the training provided as part of Operation UNIFIER.

No weapons, but military equipment Do not jump

In his statement, Justin Trudeau said on Wednesday that the Canadian government would also send military equipment to Ukraine. Do not jump, Bullet proof clothing and optical equipment and it helps this Eastern European country to gather intelligence and fight cyber attacks.

This is the best way to help Canada and to stand up for Ukraine is to be there as it is an extension of our firm belief that it can speak and defend itself, maintaining a diplomatic solution at all levels.

A quote from Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

Minister Jolie stressed that unlike the United States, Canada does not send dangerous weapons to Ukraine. Who visited earlier this month.

She said the only way out was a diplomatic solution for Russia. If Russia continues its aggression on Ukraine, there will be significant consequences, including sanctions coordinated with our allies.

Erin O’Toole’s conservative forces on Wednesday criticized the Liberal government for saying that many countries, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Poland and the Czech Republic, were reluctant to provide deadly defense weapons to Ukrainians.

They said in a statement that Prime Minister Trudeau’s inaction was calling into question the Liberal government’s support for Ukraine in its fight against attacks from Russia. Half the action was time consuming. Ukraine needs Canadian support and today Mr. Trudeau rejected it.

The Conservative Party believes Canada should divert weapons originally intended for Kurdish fighters in northern Iraq to Ukraine.

New economic sanctions in the eyes of Canada

Despite Ukraine’s refusal to grant lethal weapons, Prime Minister Trudeau said in a phone call on Wednesday with European Commission President Ursula van der Ley that he was discussing a new round of coordination sanctions.

We acknowledge that strong, consistent and aligned sanctions on individuals, financial institutions, and other sectors and sectors of the economy are vital., Said the Prime Minister.

Russia should have no illusions that the unified policy of Western democracies is clear and powerful when it comes to economic impacts on Russia., He warned.

Interviewed on the show 24 · 60 In ICI RDI, on Wednesday evening, Minister Anand said that since the Russian invasion of Crimea in 2014, Canada has granted. 440 companies and individuals Linked to the Kremlin.

Anand left for Latvia and Ukraine

Moscow has mobilized 100,000 troops to the Ukrainian border, along with tanks and other heavy artillery, raising fears of a Russian offensive against NATO, the European Union and the states-United.

Russia has rejected such a path. However, she assured that Ukraine would not join the Atlantic Alliance – Only the United States refused, But also Canada, Minister Anand told Anne-Marie Dassault on Wednesday evening.

We do not agree to exclude the possibility of countries joining NATOShe confirmed, arguing that Each country has the right to decide whether or not to join such organizations.

For Prevent Russian aggression and misinformation conducted by the Russian government itself, Minister Jolie assured WednesdayIncrease efficiency Canadian embassy in Ottawa and Kiev. We have more resources to analyze the situation and respond on the spot, She promised.

In addition, Minister Anand will visit Latvia and Ukraine to visit members Canadian Armed Forces Deployed in these countries, Justin Trudeau said Wednesday. This trip will take place In the next few days, He stated.

A clear and urgent national interest

The number of people claiming to have Ukrainian origins in Canada is high. In 2016, more than one million Canadians claimed such sources.

This is especially the case with Deputy Prime Minister Christiana Freeland, who said on Wednesday that her ancestors had no influence on her decisions regarding Ukraine. In contrast, Canada is in this file A clear and urgent national interest, She pleaded.

It is an ongoing struggle between democracy and totalitarianism.

A quote from Christiana Freeland, Deputy Prime Minister of Canada

Prime Minister Trudeau on Wednesday pledged $ 50 million in development and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine.

In all, Wednesday’s ad value was $ 340 million, plus that amount Provided a loan of $ 120 million last week Helps to stabilize the country’s economy.

In a written statement, Kiev on Wednesday night thanked the Ukrainian community in Ottawa and Canada for their support. His charge d’Affieres Andrei Bukwich, however, Trudeau again asked the government to supply arms to Ukraine, arguing that three out of four Canadians would be in favor of such work.