November 29, 2023

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Measles cases confirmed in several health districts (official)

Togo: Des cas de rougeole confirmés dans plusieurs districts sanitaires (Officiel)

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Togolese Health, Public Hygiene and Universal Access to Care Minister Mustafa Mijiawa said in a statement on Monday that several measles cases had been reported in the country.

According to a ministerial statement, the outbreak was reported in January 2022 in several health districts of the country. These are the districts of Ago, Golf, Geo and Ave in the south and Bassar in the north.

If the problems related to this disease were not frequent, the Togolese government announced that it would take several measures to prevent the spread, as it faced the situation.

Among other things, the minister’s press release referred to “the organization of case management, strengthening epidemiological surveillance and early warning, raising awareness among the population on preventive measures against common measles vaccines and what to do in the wake of suspicious signs”.

Manifest signs, according to the same press release, are “high fever, rhinorrhea (runny nose), red eyes and rash”.

On behalf of the Togolese government, the minister called on the people to be vigilant and to follow certain practices to avoid getting infected with the disease.

Measles is a highly contagious viral infection that mainly affects children. It is spread by inhaling droplets of nasal or pharyngeal secretions released by an infected person.

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