May 18, 2022

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Quebec Premier has waived taxes targeting those who have not been vaccinated

Quebec Premier has waived taxes targeting those who have not been vaccinated

Prime Minister Franకోois Legalt He withdrew from taxing non-vaccinators in the hope of ensuring “social cohesion,” he confirmed Tuesday, overturning a measure announced a month earlier.

“I declare that the government will not introduce this bill on health assistance, to move Quebec forward in a peaceful social environment,” he told reporters at the National Assembly.

His statement forms an interview: on January 11, the head of government said he wanted to Financial assistance is required from those who have not been vaccinated. “It is not true that this 10% vaccine will harm 90% of the population,” he began.

According to his observations, “dissatisfaction has increased in Quebec” over the past three weeks and “we need to take this into account”. In addition, Mr Legalt added that a bill on health co-operation would “lead to a non-constructive debate in the National Assembly when we see opposition parties opposing it”.

The Prime Minister also said that he had taken note Protests in Ottawa. “Some people want to come here in Quebec in the next few days and do this. We are seeing growing dissatisfaction, ”he added. Yet he defended himself by not surrendering to the demonstrators, One of the most famous people in Quebec is Bernard “Rambo” Gautir.

“There is no connection between Rambo Gautir and I am announcing to you today,” he suggested. Mr. Legalt also said that “we will always be available to meet people of good faith and try to see how we can help them answer their questions and concerns.”

Reached by phone by Destiny, Mr. Gauter declined to comment on the Prime Minister’s statement. “I’m very clear there, leave me alone,” he said before the call ended. For its part, FTQ-Construction declined an invitation to join a convoy of protesters seeking to march towards the National Assembly.

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“While it supports the inseparable right to express and display oneself, the FTQ-structure favors actions aimed at demonstrating greater solidarity with health care workers than ever before, especially by respecting health standards recommended by public health,” the union wrote. A statement.

Boyle was not contacted

Along with the Prime Minister at the time of the announcement, the National Director of Public Health, Luke Boyleau, confirmed that the government had not asked him to comment on his health co-operation project.

“No one asked my opinion about this or about the arrival [l’instauration d’une contribution] Nor is it for what has just been announced, ”Dr. Boyleau said. In the media, many experts, Some are regional public health directors And opposition parties in the National Assembly have objected to this cooperation.

Health Minister Christian Dubey declined to say whether those granted the vaccine were in favor of such a grant. “Like all my colleagues, I always support the decisions I make. Therefore, I am very comfortable with the decision announced by the Prime Minister today, “he said, adding that he had dropped the idea.

Franకుండాois Legalt recalled that his government now relied on the strategy of the outstretched hand, in order not to divide the vaccinated and non-vaccinated Cubans, who make up 90% and 10% of the population, respectively. In this regard, he praised the work of Health and Social Services Minister Lionel Carmant. “In a week [son travail] About 20,000 people were able to be reached, so there were 11,000 people who were vaccinated and 9,000 who got an appointment, ”he explained.

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Improvement and “Babes”

In the Blue Saloon, the Liberal leader Dominic Anglade In early January Mr. Legalt tried to find evidence to support the idea of ​​a health contribution. Without success.

“The prime minister, as always, is refusing to answer the question,” she said. Earlier on Tuesday, she criticized Mr. Legalt for improving the process to divert attention from failures in pandemic management. “They came forward without legal support, without public health advice, without support for studies,” she said.

At a press conference, the Prime Minister clarified that the office of Finance Minister Eric Girard was able to prepare a bill on health assistance.

Ms. Angled however denies the Volte-face Future Quebec Alliance. This, she says, proves that the government will navigate according to the election. “The CAQ government has been cheating the Cubans for a month on this issue. He’s crazy, he’s constantly improving, ”said the official opposition leader.

For PQ Leaderboard Paul St.-Pierre Plamandon, This setback by Mr. Legalt will undermine public confidence in the management of the epidemic.

“Sending” kids “whom we have never trusted to a public place disrespects the intelligence of the people, all of which are trying to make people forget the chaotic management, the chaos of the holiday season. In terms of managing the epidemic,” he said.

Side Solidarity Quebec, Parliamentary Leader Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois Mr Legalt was asked to explain on what basis he had decided to tax non-vaccinators.

“The government deserves to know what the Quebeckers are doing and do what it says, not the premiere that currently manages to suit his mood,” he said. It’s hay, it’s incompetence. ⁇

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In Ottawa, Conservative MP Pierre Poilivre “Excellent”(“ Incredible ”) The decline of Quebec. “The tides are changing in favor of freedom”, he rejoiced in a short message. He embellished his reaction with the hashtag #FreedomNotFear (freedom, through fear) used by participants in the Ottawa convoy.

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