December 8, 2022

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“It says a lot about our group” – Alex Burrows

"It says a lot about our group" - Alex Burrows

If there’s anyone who has not really digested the reaction to Jack Cassian’s blow on Samuel Montembult, it’s Alex Burrows.

The Montreal Canadians assistant coach did not hesitate to criticize the players on the ice in an interview aired on the TVA sports channel Jean-Charles Lazoy on Wednesday.

“I would love to get more involved. When this happened, I’m not sure how it happened. As soon as I got to my office, after the second period, I first wanted to see that nothing had happened. It tells a lot about our group and where some of them are going right now. , He was not in such an easy situation. [en a parlé] To the group. “

The former Vancouver Canucks and Ottawa Senators player was happy in Montreal even though the season was not really that easy.

“It simply came to our notice then. We have faced many challenges and many adversities such as injuries, COVID-19 and changing management. Despite all that, I am privileged to be working for the Montreal Canadians. That was a childhood dream. The National Hockey League (NHL) never has bad days.

No worries

Burrows said he still had a passion for his craft and agreed to help those trying to improve.

“I love our players. There are so many good people. He wants the youth to grow up and make a positive impact. I work with them and we try to improve every day. Despite being very frustrated for a few days, it is always a privilege to step into the field and compete.

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About changing direction at the team head, Cubeser did not worry about his position and wanted to be with the team.

“Jeff Gorton and Kent Hughes appear to be very intelligent people. They want to make rational decisions. I work hard and if I do what I have to do, I do not see why change would happen. If so, it’s not the end of the world. As a coach, you know you’re signed and you were fired .

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