May 18, 2022

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“Freedom Convoy”: Protesters do not give ground

"Freedom Convoy": Protesters do not give ground

Demonstrators who attended a seven-day rally in Ottawa in support of ending sanitation announced on Thursday that they intend to remain on the spot as long as necessary to assert their rights.

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What began as a protest by truckers for an end to mandatory vaccinations at the US border eventually became a large movement among the general population.

“The fact is that the members of this independence movement are peace-loving, law-abiding, average citizens from all walks of life who are fed up with the contempt and intimidation by the government,” he said. One of the exhibitors was Joni Pelchat, from a press briefing.


Joel Lemey / QMI Agency

She assured that the protesters “do not intend to stay a day longer than necessary”. “Our departure depends on the Prime Minister [Justin Trudeau], [et la] The end of all warrants and restrictions on our freedom, ”she insisted.

Ms Pelchat said she had not even begun any dialogue with the federal, provincial or municipal government. “Instead [les gouvernements¬] Use yourself and the media to portray us as racists, misogynists and even terrorists, ”she said.

Saskatchewan praised Premier Scott Moe’s “leadership” on the issue, saying protesters were bringing new Canadians to the federal capital every day.

Joel Lemey / QMI Agency

While many Ottawa residents expressed their frustration, supporters of the “free convoy” wanted to thank those who “came forward to show their support by providing accommodation and food.”

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Protesters are hoping to lift the suspension via the GoFundMe page, about raising more than $ 10 million, about blocking their fundraising.

Joel Lemey / QMI Agency

⁇[Jeudi] In the morning, our lawyers sent GoFundMe all the details they asked for. We believe that GoFundMe now has all the information needed to immediately lift the suspension they imposed on our campaign.

Recall that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had said the day before that Ottawa would provide assistance if asked by the police.

“The police must do their job,” Mr Trudeau said. “Right now, this is not what we’ve seen.”