November 27, 2022

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Véronique Cloutier answers those who argue that he takes his children too far

Véronique Cloutier answers those who argue that he takes his children too far

This Wednesday, Veronica Cloutier was a guest on Mary-Louis Arsenal In the media.

The question of the disclosure of his children was mentioned. Although the montage she performed indicated that she kept it ” His couple and his family are at the forefront “, A statement that the main interested party does not fully agree with.

I have heard before that my children are very much in the front row and it always raises my eyebrows a little, because they are in my universe, they are, we see them in context, but there are not a lot of their pictures on me. Social Networks “, She directs first.

She adds: ” They are on the cover of Christmas magazine almost every year because it’s Christmas, it’s a family celebration, it’s a pleasure to see them there, it gives me great memories with them, but I do not think we put them forward too much and we use them. They are, but we do not pretend they are not.

I have a choice, I can not show them in my magazine, I can never talk about them, do as we did in their childhood, because until our wedding in 2012, we never showed them. We found that they were so small that they could not understand what it meant. One day, they entered adolescence and there, we started letting them around us “, She continues.

The host says she fully respects those who decide never to show their children in public. ” We, our children, they do not hate it, they like to do, for example, cover the Christmas magazine with me. They love to be in my Instagram articles. They should be respected there.

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She and her husband Louis Morrissette are well on their way to teaching us to live well with this exposure. ” They learned very quickly to deal with bad comments and evil on social networks “, She said.

Keep in mind that Véronique Cloutier recently shared photos of her and her daughter Dolphin sharing striking similarities. See it all here.