December 8, 2022

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[VIDÉO] Defamation suit: Jeremy Gabriel drinks beer with Mike Ward and wants to settle it

[VIDÉO] Defamation suit: Jeremy Gabriel drinks beer with Mike Ward and wants to settle it

Jeremy Gabriel came out of his silence after filing him Defamation suit To invite comedian Mike Ward to settle a dispute over beer against him.

“If he has the openness to hear my testimony rather than through cameras […]But interview, I think it changes a lot, “began the 25-year-old in an interview with lawyer Franకోois-David Bernier. For his webcast CompanyReleased today.

In legal action for more than seven years, Mike Ward and the man we call little Jeremy never spoke to each other in person, he said sadly.

For more than a decade the comedian has been joking about the singer on his show Mike Ward reveals himselfMr. Gabrielle now wants to break the beard.

“I am a humane and reasonable person. I firmly believe that this situation can be solved on the table (sic) with beer, ”said the young man.

The matter of principle

On October 29, the Supreme Court ruled that the comedian’s remarks were not discriminatory.

But Jeremy Gabriel and his mother took charge again earlier this month, this time filing a civil lawsuit for defamation. Total $ 372,600 lawsuit for moral and psychological damages.

“It’s a question of principle, Mr. Gabriel said, assuring that money is not part of his motivation.

Under the public figure he represented, “little Jeremy” was 14 years older than everyone else, he recalled.

A responsibility

Mr. in the legal process. Some have blurred about the involvement of Gabriel’s mother.

Questioned m.And In this case the main interested party reported the suffering experienced by Bernier and his parents when they saw their son being subjected to hate speech.

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“I do not think so [qu’ils] A comedian who saw Mimicry drowning will one day recover from this injury [de leur fils]”, He began, emphasizing” before “and” after. ”

“I think we have a right to say everything. But we are also responsible for the consequences of our actions. [Il faut] At least try to correct them ”, the young man said with a sigh, resuming the invitation to meet again.

You can watch the very complete interview.And Below is Fran్రాois-David Bernier with Jeremy Gabriel:

2010-2013: Mike Ward presents his presentation Mike Ward reveals himself 230 times, where he is Makes jokes about voice and performance By Jeremy Gabriel.

2015: Human Rights and Youth Rights Commission Mike complained to Ward For the remarks she made that she was discriminating against the young man.

July 2016: The comedian refused to pay Jeremy Gabrielle $ 35,000 and his mother $ 7,000 For moral and punitive damages.

August 2016: Mike Ward is appealing his case.

November 2019: Court of Appeal Withdraw the payment from the mother Of the plaintiff, but the amount to be paid to Jeremy Gabriel will be maintained.

July 2020: Mike Ward has appealed to the Supreme Court of Canada

October 2021: Supreme Court Make pieces in favor of the comedian In a very strict judgment. He does not have to pay a penny.

February 2022: Jeremy Gabriel and his mother Mike Ward have filed a $ 372,600 defamation suit.