May 27, 2023

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Add the spices to add your own spices!

Add the spices to add your own spices!


  • Adults daily need of 2 grams of salt.
  • However, according to says Statistics, the average consumption of salt in food in France is 8.7 g / d for men, 6.7 g / d for women.

These include cardiovascular diseases, increased risks of cognitive decline, heart and kidney failure … They are now well-known for their health problems.

However, many of them continue to add so much salt in their recipes. This bad habit can be even worse when you get older. Without proper salt, your stomach is more likely to limit your salt intake: spices in its place!

This is the end of reached a research team led by Carolyn Ross, professor of food sciences at Washington State University (USA). A study published in the magazine Food quality and priorityIn addition to these other forms tested an understanding of salinity of senior adults using white sauce principles.

It is known that Kamal’s Thoongavanam will be facing horns with Ajith’s Vedhalam this Diwali. White sauce made it difficult for participants to tell the difference between low and high salt patterns. In contrast,in addition to aromatic herbs like basil leaves, garlic powder and coarse ground pepper, as much as in masking patterns with low salt, this research highlights the important role people aged with spices may play in reducing the consumption of salt to 60.

“We’re specifically a work…

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