March 30, 2023

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New evidence in the brain linking to pain and food

New evidence in the brain linking to pain and food

It has long been known that there was a community between diet and pain, because people with chronic pain often struggle with their weight.For some researchers suggest that brain circuits responsible for motivation and pleasure are affected when a person feels pain “this findings may reveal new physiological mechanisms linking to chronic pain to a change in a person’s eating behavior. Ple one. “And this change leads to the development of obesity. »

Finding pleasure in food comes from the way our brain reacts to what we eat. In this study, researchers examined the brain’s response to sugar and fats. Using low dessert and pudding, researchers convert sugar, dietary fat and texture.However, this found that sugar has experienced the change of greater fat voucher, but they did it with fats. People with severe lower back pain recovered later lose the pleasure of eating pudding and disturbed satiety signals in Show – communication from the digestive system to the brain-those who have continued severe low back pain for a year did not change a similar change in their eating behavior initially. In recent years, someone who has reported excessive foods for soccer and carbohydrates, such as ice cream and cookies, has become problematic for them over time, and brain SCA..

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