December 6, 2022

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Longueil | Legault and Fournier discuss the extension of the REM

Longueil |  Legault and Fournier discuss the extension of the REM

(Québec) Caisse de Dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ) is conducting “preliminary” studies regarding the extension of the Riso Express Metropolitan (REM) in the South Shore, and this file will be part of the discussions at the meeting. Prime Minister Franకోois Legalt and the Mayor of Langue, Catherine Fornier, this Monday.

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Tommy Chaunard

Tommy Chaunard

In recent weeks, the Legalt government has informed various delegates from the South Coast that, according to our information, CDPQ’s interest in adding a section to the territory is very serious and its studies are moving in the right direction.

Photo by Jacques Boisinot, Canadian Press Archives

Franకోois Legalt, Quebec Premier

Currently, CDPQ Infra, Kaisse’s subsidiary that pilots REM, confirms that “preliminary” studies are in progress and that it can “do it in a year”. REM de l’Ouest architecture and extension design in East Montreal are keeping him busy right now.

“We are studying” the new division in the South Shore, but “honestly we are not developed enough to communicate,” its senior director, transport strategies, Denise Andlor, told a conference. Press Friday.

He said the company, which is affiliated with Citi and Risso de Transport de Longueil, is working on this possible extension.

However, according to the evidence gathered over the last few days, there is no working committee involving these two actors.

In Montreal, Mayor Valerie Plante said the city has no opinion on the REM de l’Est project in recent days. She calls the “decision-making” committee. As Franకోois Legalt suggests, it is proposed to form a working group that will bring together the City, Kaisse and the government to “discuss possible improvements to the current route and the overall project”. Press Saturday.

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Infographic The Press

From Brossard to Boucherville

In October 2020, the Legalt government commissioned the CDPQ to study the extension of the REM on the east-west axes of the South Shore and Taschero Boulevard. Said the Prime Minister in an interview with Press, A year ago, the Crown Corporation was “very interested” in a division between Châteauguay and Boucherville. He hopes to report by the end of 2021, but the timeline has been pushed back.

CDPQ Infra operates on a section of the Axis of Taschereau Boulevard, from REM de l’Ovest’s future Panama station in Brozard to the Longueil-University-de-Sherbrook metro station and Segep Edward-Montpet. The extension will go to Boucherville, as assigned by the government to various actors in the South Shore.

Coalition Avenir Quebec has promised an extension of the REM on the south coast during the election campaign. He was one of the divisions he wanted to add between Brassard and Chambli-Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, but Kaisse was rejected.

Photo by Alain Roberz, Law Press Archives

Catherine Fournier, mayor of Longueil


On Monday, Franకోois Legalt and Catherine Fornier will discuss, among other things, the possible section of the REM on public transportation and the Language. MMe Fornier has already expressed his concerns about the urban integration of Kaisse’s electric train – but without opposing a possible extension of the REM. As she said when Mary-Victorine was a Member of Parliament in the National Assembly, she feared an aerial structure that would “distort” Vieux-Longueuil.

Fran ఈois Legalt has not yet announced a date for the by-election in this riding of Longueil. The REM file is clear on promotional issues.

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For his part, the mayor of Boucherville, Jean Martell, has already informed the REM that he is refractory.