December 6, 2022

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Serge Postigo has returned to God Elmeleh on charges of extortion

Serge Postigo has returned to God Elmeleh on charges of extortion

Actor Serge Postigo returned on Monday on charges of extortion against well-known comedian God Elmeleh for signing his new show.

Targeting extortion allegations in 2019, the French comedian decided to resolve the controversy in his recent presentation on stage.

“He can not stop talking about it and at the same time he had to talk [donner au sujet] That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. ”

The actor and director, who is currently on stage in Paris, has made it clear that the famous comedian in France never hides from being inspired by colleagues and friends in the community. “In addition, the allegations are relevant to one and a half or two minutes everywhere and everywhere in a 25-year career. This is where you have to focus on things, ”he explained.

With nearly 300,000 tickets sold for the God Almighty show, we believe this article will not generate more interest than people need, Serge Postigo believes. “People understood everything God said. That is not the purpose of the theft Jokes To others, he said. He compared the situation of Quebec singers who quickly translated the successes of American music in the 1950s.

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