September 25, 2023

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Valentine’s Day: Kanye West crowns his girlfriend there and sends a van with roses to his ex

Valentine's Day: Kanye West crowns his girlfriend there and sends a van with roses to his ex

Julia Fox and Kanye West split up. The actress’ spokesperson confirmed the news in a statement.

Julia Fox and Kanye West ended their brief relationship.

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The rapper and actress started dating in early January, after which they confirmed their love in an article for the magazine. Interview.

However, a spokesman for the 32-year-old star confirmed on Monday that the couple had split up.

Read a statement released saying “Julia and Kanye are good friends and collaborators, but they are no longer together”. Page Six.

The 44-year-old singer has not yet commented on their split.

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Also on Monday, Julia Fox denied shedding tears at the Los Angeles International Airport the day before. Mail online Posting photos of her on the go, she stated that she appeared ‘in tears’.

In her Instagram Stories, the star posted a screenshot of the article and said she had not cried “since 1997”.

“With tears” @dailymail You’re the worst, I’m not crying since 1997 and I’m definitely not crying for it !! ) I was late to see important people on the plane, it was my son and my father, ”she wrote in the caption.

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Although she did not comment on her relationship status, she also uploaded a video of herself walking through the airport wearing a bright blue jacket from Kanye’s Easy GAP collection.

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“That’s where the Daily Mail is crying,” she asked.

In addition to all this, the entertainer formerly known as Kanye West is working hard to win back the heart of his former Kim Kardashian.

He sent a Valentine’s gift to Kim Kardashian.

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As a mark of Valentine’s feast, narrator of Strong Went to Instagram to share two pictures of a black truck full of hundreds of flowers.

Instagram Kanye West

“My Vision Crystal Clear”, he wrote in a caption with a series of pink emojis.

“My vision is clear.” Kanye also tagged Kim Kardashian, who is still divorced, in the West Post.

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The reality star has not yet commented on this outrageous gift.

Instagram Kanye West

Instead she spends her Valentine’s Day with her current boyfriend Pete Davidson.

Earlier, Kanye West shared a lengthy post on social media in which he said he was “confident” that he would reunite with Kim Kardashian.

However, on Tuesday morning, all the latest posts from Kanye West, who is expected to meet Kim again, were deleted.

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