May 18, 2022

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Our journalist is still being bullied by demonstrators

Our journalist is still being bullied by demonstrators

Although the Ottawa Police Department appeared to be cracking down on protesters by handing out leaflets warning them to leave town or face criminal charges, nothing happened until 11 a.m. Wednesday.

Dozens of demonstrators attacked our journalist Yves Poyer, who came to see the situation in the nation’s capital, insulted him, surrounded him and prevented him from doing his job and bothered to turn around.

Many tried to grab his microphone and cover the camera lens.

The police did not interfere and did not appear in the area where many performers in Wellington Street. Five minutes later a group of police officers appeared a few blocks away.

Listen to Genevieve Peterson’s comment on QUB Radio:

Mario Dumont could not believe his eyes when he saw the situation.

“The Ottawa Police Chief, who resigned yesterday, we understand why and this morning it does not look better. It’s hard to imagine the scenes we see. Let’s take all kinds of businesses. A man is a delivery man, and such people threaten him and tease him. The police should intervene immediately and take the people away immediately! The police have the patience to do what is strictly forbidden to journalists, especially the incompetent in Ottawa! “, Denied Mario Dumont.

*** See the sequence in the video above. ***

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