December 6, 2022

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Unpaid premiums and retroactivity | Christian Dubey said payments were made by March 10

Unpaid premiums and retroactivity |  Christian Dubey said payments were made by March 10

(Quebec) The Legalt government is committed to paying thousands of dollars in retroactive salaries and bonuses to health care workers over the next two pay periods of February 23 and March 10. Minister Christian Dubey assured that the remaining amount would be paid in advance. Unsecured commitment to unions.

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Funny Levesk

Funny Levesk

Health and Social Services Minister Christian Dubey on Tuesday promised to reimburse health workers by March 10. “We are committed to paying $ 6.1 billion in bonuses and adjustments to collective bargaining. So far, we have paid $ 4.8 billion. This is almost 80%, ”the minister told a news conference on the epidemic.

“The remaining, 20%, we agreed to pay within the next two payment periods. I.e. February 23 and March 10. I said if there is still any amount left […] We are going to make advances, ”he added. These payments exclude the amounts payable under Pay the equity law According to the unions, retroactivity in 2015 and 2010 reached $ 1.15 billion.

Again on Monday, eight unions in the health sector condemned the accumulating delay in the payment of various bonuses and the renewal of salaries provided for in the new collective agreements. The unions allege that Legalt continued to delay government payments and submitted an “incomplete and inaccurate” schedule.

Minister Dubey declined to comment on Tuesday on whether his government plans to pay interest on unpaid amounts. Can easily run several thousand dollars.

Minister Dubey said on Tuesday that he had made “exceptions” by signing collective agreements more quickly in the wake of the epidemic. “It sometimes takes three, four, five months [pour l’application des nouvelles règles]. This time, with the agreement of the Treasury Board, we decided to reduce that time as we wished [les travailleurs] Get them fast, ”he explained.

While there is a 90-day deadline to apply for a collective agreement as in the previous employment agreement, it is argued that water is not being pumped according to the unions.

“The health minister is looking for the culprits when he has to blame only himself for the late payments. The deadlines for aligning the payroll system and the deadlines for paying retroactivity are transferred from one collective agreement to another, contrary to what the minister emphasized. That fact must be taken into account. ”

“The other fact is that he implemented non-conventional bonuses with complex eligibility conditions, which overloaded the payroll system.Me Bouchard.