May 24, 2022

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Frangles Accidents | The Journal of Montreal

Frangles Accidents |  The Journal of Montreal

We need to talk about the academy. Not our “Star Academy”. But the French academy, with its old-fashioned, dusty and outdated side, is often ridiculed.

This week, the Immortals released a report in which they sounded the alarm about the Franklis dangers. Do you know anything else? We in Quebec are interested in worrying about what is happening in France.

Academy words

I often talk to you about these horrible Englishmen who are plentiful in France, in the media and on the streets. But the examples cited by the French Academy are far more ridiculous than I have ever seen.

Air France talks about its “skyteam”, the postal service that talks about the “pickup station”, the Fnac chain stores that offer its “French Days”. SNCF Railway Company has the slogan: “So, are you ready for Oigo? “.

Do you know the beautiful Sarte area in Pace de la L‌rez? Its motto to attract entrepreneurs is very simple: “Surte me up”.

We understand the Rolling Stones song as acceptable, but what does this slogan have to do with this area where there are culinary specialties like reels from Mans, ice cream from Perche, chicken from Louie, cones from Capone or Maine, and Sarthois Pat? Chicken Soup, Millie, Golden One, Sarthois Pammo, Bouin and Apple Pie?

In a 30-page report, the French Academy of Sciences expressed concern about the Frenchization of “institutions, territorial institutions, universities, museums, companies and institutions, public or private status”.

Do you know the new Peugeot 208 slogan? “Boring the future”. Sadly, this is not French, not English, an absurdity invented by advertisers!

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When a city like Lyon has the slogan “Only Lyon”, when the application to visit the Lower Castles is called “My Lower Valley”, it means that the Moliere language is dangerously mixed with the Shakespearean language and that it does not exist. No longer is it similar to anyone’s language.

In 2020, in France, the Research Center for the Study and Observation of Living Conditions published a survey that found that “47% of French people are angry or hostile to advertising messages that contain words in English”.

When will such a survey take place in Quebec?

Did you “pull out”?

I have a reference to French academics. Allow them to hear the new capsules offered by Radio-Canada on

“Lex and Wasiu are back with new interviews and humorous capsules inspired by the urban and multicultural environment in which they grew up.” These two characters, who define themselves as “two people without children” and argue that “let the children be children”, try to imagine the future in one of their capsules. Lex predicts that in 2056 we will give a fertility bonus. The resident replied: “They put pressure on us To withdraw ? Oops broI can not To withdraw. I don’t have a hip for not doing To withdraw. ⁇

Oops broEducators understand “that slab”.

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