November 27, 2022

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“Freedom Convoy” in Quebec: The presence of a Hells relative in the National Assembly is a matter of concern

"Freedom Convoy" in Quebec: The presence of a Hells relative in the National Assembly is a matter of concern

The presence of a relative of the Hell Angels among the organizers of the demonstrations against the health measures is a matter of concern to the government and opposition parties, who support the measures proposed by Mayor Bruno Marchand in anticipation that the demonstrators will return to Quebec this weekend.

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We should not be surprised to find “incompetent people” among the organizers of anti-sanitation demonstrations, according to Ian Lafrenier, a former police officer who became Minister of Home Affairs.

“Unfortunately, when these types of groups organize demonstrations, it keeps the door open for small groups of extremists,” commented the coquist deputy from Wachon.

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“I’m very, very disappointed to see people with organized crime infiltrating there for sure,” he said, returning to what our investigative office revealed.

As we have seen in Alberta, after discovering the confusing arsenal of guns next to the quarantine in Kout‌‌, the show organizers asked Mr. Lafrenière believed.

Support for the mayor change

Official opposition leader Dominic Angled agreed.

“I’m very sorry that we have people with a history of criminals involved in this,” the Liberal leader responded.

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“Those who identify criminal backgrounds are really sure to raise questions about security,” said Martin Oulette, the party’s Quebecois parliamentary leader, who also relies on the police to prevent any overflow. .

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“That’s why I support Mayor Bruno Marchand.”Me The Quebec mayor is returning to the measures announced on Wednesday in anticipation of the return of Anglade and the demonstrators.

In particular, as we have seen for three weeks in Ottawa, they are forbidden to drink alcohol or cook on the street barbecue. “There are intolerable gestures and I think it sends a clear message,” Minister Lafrenier said on the matter.

The only downside

A single warning about the extraordinary powers vested in the Quebec Police Chief: “I do not think so about the rules we are talking about […] Should be extended in the long run, ”M warnedMe England.

Quebec Solidair co-spokesman Manon Massey shared a similar view.

“It’s justifiable, temporary tools, I want to say specifically, to give himself extraordinary ways to temporarily. But when we talk about Hell’s Angels, when we talk about global funding, I’m very worried,” he said.Me Mass.

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“I share the concerns of the opposition towards the city of Quebec, they say it should be temporary. It must be recognized, it must not be permanent,” the deputy added in solidarity with Jean-Lజ్sz and Soul Janetti.

This also applies to the rules of alcohol and outdoor cooking.

“People want to go to the parks and eat barbecues this summer. I think it’s something that has made everyone’s life more enjoyable. In that case, there is no reason to back down, “said Mr. Janetti.

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