May 30, 2023

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Severe pain-virus source: the key role of bats, the laboratory…

Severe pain-virus source: the key role of bats, the laboratory...

A new study of the vanur Institute confirms the fact that 19 practical people are responsible for this virus bats. It is important to note that after carefully being manipulated it must be accidentally spread.

If the source of the siav-2 virus is still not officially confirmed, the work of the Pasteur Institute of Laos bats in transmitting to humans.. But also that the Wuhan laboratory from where it seems more than likely he can escape.

Researchers in Pasteur Institute of Laos published on this Wednesday, February 15, their findings Journal Nature. They have studied different species of bats in northern Laos, where many viruses are close to the their-CV-2 drops.It is because of bats

Identified other viruses dangerous to human health

“Pasteur Institute researchers say.He is the most harmful type of viruses, one of them can “amplify human cells”into the body of these three types.

They also warn that this discovery would produce “s-kig-2 bats in the United States” and that other nearby viruses can harm human health.”

However, these bats from covid-19, some 2,500 km away, have lived in Wuhan. In addition, these viruses “do not have this vital element that allows them to be spread into respiratory cells and pathogens to humans” (IE…

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