May 18, 2022

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Unspecified in film: apparently well-crafted adaptation

Unspecified in film: apparently well-crafted adaptation

Video games and movies are rarely together. But the tides seem to be changing, as evidenced by this Not specifiedIt successfully switches from console to screen.

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Everyone knows that the seventh art made life harder for the great video game sagas Resident Evil At Assassin’s CreedPassing through Doom, Street Fighter And other House of the Dead. So we were scared for the worst Not specifiedFavorite title for the PlayStation console, which hits our screens this week.

Serves here as an anti-episode to a series of games Not specified, Tom Holland reckless treasure hunter Nathan Drake changes into Spiderman costume to wear. With the help of his mentor Victor Sullivan (Mark Wallberg), he crosses the planet to try to get his hands on Magellan’s mythical treasure.

All of these are, of course, backfiring action scenes, crazy chases and just an excuse to solve puzzles. And it works particularly well, pulling moviegoers into a whirlwindIndianazones.

Tom Holland brings to life Nathan Drake, the hero of the uncharted video game series.

Photo courtesy Columbia Pictures

Tom Holland brings to life Nathan Drake, the hero of the uncharted video game series.

Yes, we throw out the window a good number of logic, acceptability and the laws of physics. But it’s an affordable game. Why? Because reality is often the most hostile to video game sagas, and many variations from the genre are forgiven in the name of entertainment.

Undeniable charisma

And Tom Holland, at his height of 25 years, sometimes without the maturity to do justice to the famous character, he is thankful for his undeniable charisma – the essence of Nathan Drake – and his incredible physical prowess.

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The only disappointment, the same important, comes from the special effects, which, to be honest, sometimes leave anything to be desired.

It also remains to be seen what it derives from Not specified Deep respect for the original video game and its many fans. This is even more evident in the final act, in which actor Nolan North appears briefly, giving his voice to Nathan Drake on consoles.

Not specified ★★★ 1/2

Image courtesy of Reuben Fleischer
With Tom Holland, Mark Wahlberg and Sophia Alley

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