May 27, 2023

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Julie Snyder has made a big statement about her love life

Julie Snyder has made a big statement about her love life

At this Thursday evening 4 July weekJulie Snyder announced that she was alone again.

Note that people will never know who is the lover of the famous host who calls her “Mystery Man”. She was the next to refuse to reveal her identity.

Let’s remember that Julie Snyder recently sent an arrow live to one of her exes. She ignored his words. Was it directed at him? Secret man ”?

The facilitator similarly stated that she was dating someone at the time. “ I have a “date” which is very recent “, She said.” He wants to spend his time. Because I said to him: “If you’ve in a hurry, I will run on the treadmill 4 times a week; go right away!” .

She adds a little shyly: “We kiss “.

As Julie Snyder says about anything that comes to her head, she also mentions: ” My date and I passed our exams [de dépistage ITSS]. He later said, ” I’m hot there! It may end with my date, he says, “You’re talking about me on TV.” Yet my date sees all of my shows!

Suggestions from Louis Lotters on the set make the host’s new Prince believe that the lovely man is probably familiar to the general public.

Either way, we hope she finds her man!

Let’s remember that Julie Snyder teased Guillaume Pineault on his show this week.

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