May 17, 2022

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Maurice: Two deaf employees were hired at IGA Point-du-Lock

Maurice: Two deaf employees were hired at IGA Point-du-Lock

The Pointe-du-Lac IGA in Mauricie demonstrated open-mindedness last October by hiring two employees from the Deaf Association, which is done slowly but surely with their colleagues and customers.

“People are focused. We also have a good relationship with employees. People learn some signals and they want to learn too, so I showed them some words in the LSQ (Quebec Sign Language),” explained Eliel Chorni, one of the two deaf employees through the narrator and volunteer. Line Author.

Although the two recruits took a little longer, they were able to understand themselves rather than with words.

The landlord is aware of the challenge when hiring them.

“The thin line between good service and bad service is probably what scares entrepreneurs. When the customer spoke to her Yuri, he took 30 seconds to get the sheet and pencil from behind. But you know, maybe a customer might say, ” Yeah … so he looks stupid. What kind of service is that? ” Said the owner, Reynold Giguer.

Mr. Giguère has been used for many years to provide job opportunities for people living with disabilities or those who need to be better integrated into society.

“Sometimes there are clients who are ignorant about deafness, but you have to be patient, because sometimes you have to write things down. The client should write what he wants. Next time, I’m going to do things, ”said Yuri Digley, another IGA deaf employee.

Jérôme Blanchette, a former employee of IGA des Chenaux, is proud of the success of people from his community.

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He also shot a video to teach some words in sign language to the customers of the grocery store and those who want to learn it.

“Today, we need more employees. We need deaf people, hearing impaired, oral professionals, etc. They also want to work to survive! I think it’s really surprising to see kind employers supporting the deaf community, ”said Jerome, who was also a commentator with his sister.

Vibrasigne co-founder and Jerome’s sister Chloe Blanchett said, “It is always encouraging to see employers who are unaware of this open-minded deaf culture.

“Did we really unite them or did they push us forward?”, Pointe-du-Lac told the IGA owner.