November 27, 2022

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PCQ: Trojan horse or shooting star?

PCQ: Trojan horse or shooting star?

The Conservative Party of Quebec (PCQ) continues to grow. According to the latest Léger / Le Journal poll, from December, His support increased from 5% to 14%.

QS and PQ followed closely, with Eric Duheim’s party on the right, even ahead of PLQ on the Francophones, with its stagnant and restrained popularity. In the Quebec region, often conservative, its rise has been noted. PCQ won a quarter of the voting intent there. In short, he settles comfortably in politics.

With 48% support in Francophone‌s stable in the front row, Franకోois Legalt is losing some feathers from the fall of CAQ. However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat him. Only a small cloud on the horizon, especially the thrust of PCQ Nibbles on the CAQ base.

How to explain it? PCQ must be triggered by four phenomena.1. Pandemic fatigue. 2. The Irregular Management of the Fifth Wave by the Legalt Government, whose inexplicable return to curfew at the end of the year was the worst moment.

3. Fueled by Trumpism, the strong return of populism without borders in the West is camped on the right. 4. The target weakness of other opposition parties.

Be careful though. With 14% support in Quebec, PCQ supporters are still hovering in the same weak water.

Training only continues

However, one key point sets it apart: PCQ is the only training in progress. For now. For Franకోois Legalt, it was certainly annoying to see Eric Duheim eat his own right.

On the other hand, seeing him further divide the already fragmented opposition should not cause him much dissatisfaction. Hence the real question. PCQ: Shooting Star or Trojan Horse? Flash in the pan or a new player to be taken seriously? Time will tell.

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While any comparison may be sluggish, the limited increase in PCQ is also somewhat reminiscent of the predecessor of the CAQ – the useless ADQ – which was abolished in 2012.

Like the PCQ, the ADQ also suggested reducing the role of the state and giving more role to the private sector, including health.

Born in the wake of the Meech Lake Accord failure in 2007-2008, ADQ was further strengthened by another crisis – reasonable accommodation. She turns into an ace in the ADQ game. However, its success is short-lived.

Political management

PCQ is taking advantage of a very protracted health crisis. However, there is a major difference between the two structures. Mario Dumont is a leader who is also respected by his rivals – a valuable trait that is not obvious in Eric Duheim. However, he did try with some success to exploit the dissatisfaction of the minority cubers against health measures and fifth wave management by the CAQ. Thus Eric Duheim’s frontal attacks on Franకోois Legalt hit the mark with 14% of the vote.

This explains to some extent the Prime Minister’s haste to put an end to many health measures, including the vaccine passport, which is extremely unpopular among Duhaim sympathizers.

However, for the majority of vaccinators, it poses a new risk in closed public spaces, although it is in demand for good reason.

The moral of this story? Since 2022 is an election year, if PCQ support is to be consolidated, Quebecans should expect more of the political management of the epidemic.

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Because despite the magical idea that the end of the epidemic is near, the fact is that it is not over yet …