March 24, 2023

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Police intervention in Ottawa | “We get no satisfaction out of it,” Freeland said.

Police intervention in Ottawa |  “We get no satisfaction out of it,” Freeland said.

(Ottawa) A day of intense sadness, but also determination. It was in this context that Deputy Prime Minister Christiana Freeland responded to police intervention in Ottawa on Friday. Law enforcement has arrested about 20 people so far.

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Mylene Crete

Mylene Crete

“This is not a day for us to be satisfied,” she said. For me, it was a day of deep regret and determination. Sad because it’s sad to know that this is happening in Canada […], But it is also a day when will and determination of all members of our government. ⁇

“Liberal democracy must be ready to defend itself and the same thing is happening in Canada right now and the same thing has happened with the implementation of the emergency law,” he said. -She adds. Anyone who seeks to jeopardize our democratic institutions and our economy should know that Canadians are very assertive and very clear about our duty to protect our country. ⁇

Four government ministers held a press conference on Friday afternoon to justify the use Emergency Measures Act, The Conservatives and the Black Cubecois were severely criticized. The Minister of Public Safety, Marco Mendicino, has reiterated that he allowed the police to hand over additional tools, such as declaring a demonstration in the center of the Canadian capital an illegal assembly.

Mr. Mendicino and Mr.Me It also stressed the use of financial measures established by the Decree on Freeland Emergency. Crowdfunding platforms and online payment services are now required to report any large or suspicious transactions, including cryptocurrency transactions, to the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Center in Canada. The goal is to reduce funds that allow illegal encroachments in downtown Ottawa and at many border crossings across the country.

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The government wants to make this move permanently to include these new players in the economy. Minister Freeland assured that other powers granted to banks and financial institutions would remain temporary. These, without a court order, can freeze the personal or business accounts of those involved in illegal blockades and digitally or otherwise freeze their assets. These agencies can proceed after receiving information from the police without fear of prosecution. They must report these individuals to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.

Justice Minister David Lametti stressed that the state of emergency was temporary. The law has a 30-day period, which parliament can renew, but he hopes it can be repealed as soon as the government feels it is no longer needed.

The second day of debate in the House of Commons on whether to declare or rescind the emergency did not take place on Friday due to a police operation. Government House Leader Mark Hollande has suggested a resumption on Saturday.