May 24, 2022

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Want Politics Still Jean Charest?

Want Politics Still Jean Charest?

Jean Charrest wants to get back into politics. But do politics still want him?

The real conservative movement is in favor of his return.

MPs from Quebec are encouraging him to start, some even from Ontario, the Maritimes and the West.

It seems that the “progressive conservatives” have made him their candidate.

Is he really a traditional savior?

Let me have some doubts.

More Trudeau

Conservatives hope to find Brian Mulroney’s reincarnation in Jean Charrest.

The candidate, rooted in Quebec, with undeniable charisma, was able to capture the province just like the 1984 election.

Without Quebec, they understood that the Conservatives would only hope for minority government in the best case scenario.

But this equality does not work. Brian Mulroney provided Quebec to restore its position in Canada.

It is embedded in our reunification into the Canadian Constitution and in the identification of a distinct community.

Jean-Charles would not propose anything like that. He never takes “beautiful risk”.

His national antagonism prevents him: he is closer to the Trudeau line, father and son, than Mulroney. Any Quebec argument would doubt him.

The following question arises: How is Jean Charrest more conservative than liberal?

Is there not much difference between the party he led from 1995 to 1998 and the party he claims to be?

Does he have more in common with Franంois-Philippe Champagne and Cristia Freeland than Pierre Poylevre and Gerard Deltell?


Added to this is the understanding of the Charest regime in collective memory.

According to a recent survey, 72% of Cubans have a bad opinion of Jean-Charles. Only Philippe Couillard has a high negative rating.

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The smell of corruption and the fall of Quebec are still associated with it.

Jean-Charles has always won in politics. However, his greatest failure was the memory that the Quebecars had of his government.

So here it is, if the Conservatives want to rule again, I’m not sure if Jean – Charles is the best choice.