November 27, 2022

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19 after covid, after effects on sleep and mental health

Le SARS-CoV-2 pourrait aussi avoir des effets à long terme sur le cerveau. © ra2 studio, Adobe Stock

The peoples ‘ mental health issues were generated. If the case is undoubtedly concerned-provoking, it appears that the virus could also trigger a impact on our brain and mental diseases.

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After effects on mental health

Study Translation Three groups :

  • Group copies of 1: 153,848 and were infected by SARS-2. Two years prior to study, none of them did not receive a mental disorder diagnosis or psychiatric treatment ;
  • Group 2: control group of individuals missing A priori Could have been infected (e=5,637,840) ;
  • Group 3: have control group Epidemiology (N=5859,251).

Group 1 is a risk of high anxiety disorders (+35%) and depressive disorders (+40%). Way…