May 24, 2022

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Communicate with your voice Le Grand Plateau

Communicate with your voice Le Grand Plateau

Each person uses his voice in different ways: some for work, to persuade others, to show others his feelings, for pleasure … Moreover, they sound different: more serious, broken, serious … On April 16 World voice Day was commemorated and on the occasion of the celebration, more than thirty patients wanted to participate in vocal examinations held by experts in the electoral Oncology of the Ministry of Health.

Her goal is to raise awareness of the importance of vocal care. Whenever we talk about pride, we ponder over people who, broadcasters, and teachers, use as a basic tool in their work. But the truth is that vocal disorders currently affect more than two million Spaniards.Usually more children also span

Health benefits

The otoloryngology Department in the Torres saload department stressed the importance of prevention with regular recommendations that can prevent other problems and emphasize the importance of taking care of our voice, because it is one of the major carriers of communication.

To keep vocal cords healthy, need to clear often and avoid cough, try not to scream, scream or cry above the surrounding noise, try not to target large audience without enough amplification and with a comfortable intensity that is heard in any situation, changes in stress, fatigue and emotional pressures, sudden temperature as well as enemies of the voice in too loud air conditioning, need to avoid excessive consumption of Too cold or alcoholic beverages. It is a nice and healthy element and makes us voice…