May 18, 2022

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Hockey | Finland won the gold medal for the first time

Hockey |  Finland won the gold medal for the first time

(Beijing) With the final siren sounding, the players bounced off goalkeeper Harry Sateri at full speed, knocking the net out of its mooring.

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Stephen Vino
Canadian Press

After finally achieving what most Finnish teams could not do before, there is a lot of energy in the air. Finland, now known as Suomi in Finland, is synonymous with gold.

The Finns beat the Russian favorites 2-1 in the men’s hockey tournament on Sunday in the absence of NHL players in Beijing. It is a privilege to receive the Olympic gold medal for the first time in the history of the country.

Photo by Peter David Josek, Associated Press

The Finns feasted around their goalkeeper Harry Sateri’s net.

Finnish defender Sami Watanen said, “We came here for what we did. We fought hard and won the first Olympic gold medal in Finnish ice hockey history. It is unique and no one can take it away from us.”

Neither men nor women won gold at the Finland Olympics. They reached the final in 2006 and lost to Sweden to settle for the 1988 silver.

The defending champions, the Russians, had to settle for silver instead of winning a second title …

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