May 22, 2022

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“I saw people crying and hugging”

"I saw people crying and hugging"

Paris | As they were secretive and especially emotional during the festive concert, the Cowboys Fringents yesterday achieved a feat that very few Quebec artists can claim to be great: thrilling thousands of spectators at the famous Acar Arena in Paris. .

After Zenith and Olympia came the turn of the amphitheater, formerly known as Paris-Bercy, a mythical place where all the biggest stars of the musical parade were seen, surrendering to unrivaled melodies and contagion. Quebec group and its loyal fans.

During the first stop of the European Tour, in Lyon, on Friday, the fans were spoiled. Les Cowboys Fringeants have produced a concert in the form of a rethinking of their glorious careers, with a definite emphasis on the most powerful titles in their concerts.

From the beginning, they were captive Houses Annie Alike, Bye Bye Love, The Queen And accelerated recovery Kurukshetra seems to be interestedFrom Nirvana, it made the audience jump.

“No party!” Exclaimed singer Carl Tremble.

It has just begun. The foot stays on the accelerator until two reminders arrive, here is the sequence Merchant Navy, Shooting Stars (Going into a crowd of hundreds of paper airplanes, approving the lyrics of the song and a charming European fan tradition) and America is crying The concert ended on very beautiful notes.

“The Bell Center, in Europe”

Met after the show, Carl Tremble and Mary-Annick Lepin enjoyed the moment.

“It’s like the Bell Center, but in Europe. It’s totally insane. Europeans see us once a year, but 10,000 of them come to sing our songs, dance, move. I saw people crying and hugging,” the Cowboys singer said.

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“The majority of spectators bought their tickets two years ago and have not been refunded to them. They can’t wait to see us, so there’s a lot of emotion in the air, “said Mary-Annick Lepin.

Quebec Pride

Playing on this great Parisian stage was even more remarkable because the success of the Cowboys Fringents in France was built on word of mouth, in the shadow of the mainstream media.

In addition, they conquered the French without denying their dialect or their origins. Was blackmailed again last night Hector’s hut And PerformanceSongs with Quebec references in general, for audiences asking for more.

The few locals there, including this restaurant in Quebec, were shocked to see a group of cowboys fringe-like in Bercy sitting casually behind us.

“Anyway, 47 co-owner Yvonne Ollett says,“ I’m proud to be a Cubeser. It’s magic. He could not capture what we have just experienced so well.

Fans who arrived earlier

French fans of Les Cowboys Fringants endured the cold of Paris for many hours to see their favorites at the Accor Arena last night.

When we arrived at the site, four hours before the concert, a few dozen fans were lined up near the door, making their way to the floor.

54 times

Trembling, a man named Matthew admitted that he had first arrived at 12:45 p.m.

The first part of the Mary-Annick Lepin began at 8 p.m.

“I’ve seen them seven or eight times, and I’m far from being the worst,” Matthew said.

Well, who’s the worst? “54 times,” one man replied proudly, making fans of these friendly cowboys laugh.

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While chatting with them, we discovered that their love for the Quebec group had turned into a great curiosity towards music from our area.

Some say they saw Emile Bilodo during his last visit to Paris or even Chloe Pellogg.

And if they’re upset about not being able to find the Les Trois Accords in the first half, they were thrilled with the idea of ​​finding Mary-Annick — Lepin’s solo songs, as originally intended.