December 8, 2022

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Performance in Quebec | A few hundred returned before the National Assembly

Performance in Quebec |  A few hundred returned before the National Assembly

(Quebec) Hundreds of people demonstrated their opposition to health measures on Sunday in front of the National Assembly in Quebec. They promised to come back in the coming weeks if the government does not repeal certain measures like vaccination passport.

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Hugo Pilan Laros

Hugo Pilan Laros

Trucks parked along the Rene-Lewesk boulevard rang horns for several days on Parliament Hill. These heavy vehicles displayed signs of “freedom convoy”, Quebec, Canadian and patriotic flags, as well as slogans against Prime Ministers Franకోois Legalt and Justin Trudeau.

Photo by Patrice Loro, The Sun.

Demonstrators gathered in front of the Tourney Fountain, an intersection between Parliament and Esplanade Park opposite Old Quebec. Dressed warmly – the place is on a windy corridor – they take part in a mass meditation session on Sunday, and then they dance in front of a small stage where the host plays French-speaking, rock and electronic music.

In a festive atmosphere, protesters demanded an end to what they consider to be a “dictatorship” imposed by a health emergency. “Two weekends have passed since we left [manifeste]. This week, we look forward to seeing what happens, “said Bernard Gauthier, one of the organizers of the show.

“If that doesn’t happen, it’s still a way to get more involved with the expat community here. We’re going to find other things, that’s for sure. I know you will all be there, “he added, chanting the word” freedom “.

Photo by Patrice Loro, The Sun.

Bernard Gauthier (right) poses with a protester,

There are many families

Around the stage, hundreds of children stuffed animals were hung on fountain installations and neighboring trees. Protesters are using the symbol to urge the Legal government to abolish sanitation in schools.

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Many children came with their parents for demonstrations this second weekend against health measures in Quebec. “We are here to protect freedom, which is a very important issue,” said a father with his son running over several snowbanks.

Photo by Caroline Grogoire, The Sun.

Many demonstrators demanded that children stop wearing masks and leave their vaccine passports strictly.

By the end of Saturday, Quebec City police said they had arrested four people: two for assault and indecent exposure and two for violating the rules of peace and good order. No additional arrests were made Sunday.

Police have issued more than 100 tickets since Saturday, including 46 under municipal regulations, 40 under the Highway Safety Code and 13 under the parking regulations. The final report will be presented on Sunday evening.

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