March 31, 2023

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Covid-19 one more step to find roots?

Covid-19 one more step to find roots?

The 19 accession of Coronation has been discovered in bats living in Laos.

After the start of a two-year-19 pandemic, the roots of the virus are unclear. A study of Pasteur Institute published in the scientific journal Nature They want to be able to return to the animals by themselves. As for the 19 bats in Laos’s bats, French researchers found relatively close by viruses.

In particular, the “three viruses have Sars-conditional similarities,-CEO-2,” study authors say.In contrast, the news agency said:” viruses specifically, they have entered the human cells capable of these three coronation, where their spike multiplies through the link between protein and AC 2 receptors.

Outstanding problems

However, scientists recognize a significant difference: the lack of soil rupture enables the human respiratory cells to penetrate, and this is the most infectious cause of the virus. According to the Viola mark Eloit who led the study, other” close “viruses also represent”a risk for human health.”

While studying bats came from southern China, North Laos and Vietnam, this thesis covid-19 Wuhan appeared in China, “it raises the question of how to do Transport,” The Ceylon Government Railway.

Projected assumptions, PID-19 could quietly air in humans, making it easier to switch from animals to humans. Most research is done until they determine the residence of covid-19. If you’ve taken the discussion about this man’s step, by step…

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