May 16, 2022

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The CAQ is already roaring its electoral machinery

The CAQ is already roaring its electoral machinery

The Future Quebec Alliance The media was invited to reserve their place in his campaign caravan on Monday, as a sign of which the opposition received it. Legitimate government The next general election date scheduled for this fall could be brought forward.

CAQ Communications Director Claude Potwin said the ballot needed to be called no earlier than seven months. “We want you to sign up to find out if we have one or two buses to book,” she said in an interview. Homework. We respect the election law. This is really a matter for the company. ⁇

The Electoral Act fixes elections in early October. In recent months, the Prime Minister Franకోois Legalt He said he had no intention of rushing the election.

M.Me Potwin handcuffed the intent to increase the pressure on his opponents. “There is no question of putting pressure on the opposition parties, this is a common question of the organization,” she assured.

The CAQ said it had sent a similar request to the media in April 2018, anticipating the last campaign to bring the party to power in October of the same year.

The sign of the spring election

The initiative of the CAQ was not recognized by the official opposition.

Chief Communications Officer Dominic AngladeJérémy Ghio, thought it was another sign of the possibility of a spring election.

Although there is still time between now and the scheduled date in October, liberals are already ready for any event, including a pre-launch, the spokesman said in an interview. “We are ready to embark on the spring election scenario, the whole liberal machine is ready. […] We manage ourselves as we depart in the spring so we don’t have to be surprised. We do not trust them. ⁇

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Liberals currently have no intention of imitating the CAQ by asking the media to register for their election caravan.

Earlier on Monday, Mr Gio expressed his questions on social media about the CAQ invitation to the media. Can’t wait to see how Franకోois Legalt describes this, writes Jeremy Gio In his Twitter feed. Why is there no date in Mary-Victorine? Why are journalists invited on the bus seven months in advance? Why promotional photos? Does the CAQ respect the date provided by law? ⁇

The government has not yet announced a by-election date for the Mary-Victorine ride since independent MP Catherine Fornier resigned after she was elected mayor of Longueil in November.

Mr. Gio recalled that, unlike the Legalt government, it was a liberal government Philip Coulard Just days before the start of the last election campaign, they waited until July 2018 before inviting the media to reserve their seat. “We take it as an additional signal that there is a possibility of leaving this spring,” he said.

Side Solidarity Quebec, Stephanie Guerreont, Director of Communications for the Parliamentary Department, declined to comment on the CAQ initiative. “We are taking our election preparations seriously and we have been working on it for months,” she said. We govern the CAQ itself, we can say nothing about this information. ⁇

Melting energy

According to analyzes circulating on Parliament Hill in the ranks of the opposition, the government may decide to bring the ballot forward to have a positive impact on voters as the relaxation of health measures that follow each other until March.

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The rise of the Conservative PartyEric DuheimParticularly in the Quebec area, some local Quakist deputies may be encouraged to call on their party to call an election as soon as possible to reduce this surge in polls.

Since June 2013, Quebec law provides for the holding of a fixed-date election on the first Monday in October, every four years. The powers of the Prime Minister and Lieutenant-Governor with respect to the dissolution of the Assembly, protected by the Constitution, are not affected by this provision, the Quebec website for elections indicates.

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