May 18, 2022

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The pay rise for federal deputies will not pass

The pay rise for federal deputies will not pass

According to a Leger poll conducted on behalf of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF), nearly eight out of 10 Canadians oppose a pay rise.

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Poll results released Monday suggest that 79% of Canadians’ MPs have been opposed to receiving a third pay rise since the outbreak began on May Next April.

“Politicians should not get a boost when the citizens they represent are living through the economic consequences of the epidemic,” said Franco Terrazano, federal director of the FCC.

“It should not be so difficult for MPs to do the right thing and stop the pay rise in the midst of the epidemic,” he said in a statement.

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The FCC recalls that federal deputies receive 1 pay rise eacher April “On the basis of an average increase per year in one of the collective agreements of private sector companies with more than 500 employees”.

Based on private sector collective bargaining data published by the Government of Canada, the FCC estimates that after a pay rise this year, a backbench MP and Prime Minister will earn $ 10,802 and $ 21,604 more per year than they did before the outbreak.

The survey was conducted between February 11 and 13, 2022 with 1,537 people.

Estimated increase depending on locations


  • Pre-Pandemic Salary (March 31, 2020): $ 153,900
  • Estimated Wage1er April 2022: $ 164,702
  • Estimated pandemic increase: $ 10,802

Rear bench

  • Pre-Pandemic Salary (March 31, 2020): $ 178,900
  • Estimated Wage1er April 2022: $ 189,702
  • Estimated pandemic increase: $ 10,802
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  • Pre-Pandemic Salary (March 31, 2020): $ 264,400
  • Estimated Salary as of April 1, 2022: $ 280,265
  • Estimated pandemic increase: $ 15,865

Prime Minister

  • Pre-Pandemic Salary (March 31, 2020): $ 357,800
  • Estimated Wage1er April 2022: $ 379,404
  • Estimated pandemic increase: $ 21,604

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