December 8, 2022

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The United Nations has strongly condemned Russia’s actions in Ukraine

The United Nations has strongly condemned Russia's actions in Ukraine


A majority of UN and Security Council members on Monday condemned President Vladimir Putin’s decision to recognize Russia’s independence from eastern Ukraine and to deploy troops there. For its part, Moscow has promised to be “open to diplomacy”. Follow the latest developments live.

  • 4:35 am: Russia “open to diplomacy”

“We are open to diplomacy for a diplomatic solution. However, we do not intend to allow bloodletting in the Donbass,” the Russian diplomat told an emergency meeting of the Council of United Nations Security.

  • 4:25 am: “Ukraine’s borders will not change”

Ukraine’s ambassador to the UN, Sergei Kislitsa, assured the Security Council on Monday that Russia’s “internationally recognized borders” would remain unchanged regardless of Russia’s statements and actions.

Ukraine urges Russia to “rescind the decision” to identify separatist territories, “return to the negotiating table” and continue with “immediate and verifiable withdrawal of their occupied forces,” he said.

  • 4:20 am: US to impose “new sanctions” on Russia

“We plan to announce new sanctions on Russia tomorrow in response to Moscow’s decisions and actions. We are coordinating with our allies and partners for this announcement,” an AFP spokesman told AFP on Monday. White House.

  • 3:55 am: Widespread condemnation at UN on Russia’s decisions and actions on Ukraine

At an emergency meeting in New York on Monday, a majority of members of the UN and United States-led Security Council condemned Russia’s decision.

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield has called President Vladimir Putin’s nonsense ‘referring to the Russian military as a “peacekeeping force” to justify the incursion into separatist territories in eastern Ukraine.

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Several members of the Security Council expressed their disapproval of the latest developments. Condemning the “violation of international law”, the Albanian ambassador asked Ferrit Hoxha “who is next”.

His Indian counterpart, TS Thirumurthy, expressed “deep concern” and called for “restraint from all parties”, while British Ambassador Barbara Woodward demanded that Russia “reverse” and Brazil demand an “immediate ceasefire” in eastern Ukraine.

“All parties concerned should exercise restraint and refrain from actions that could fuel tensions,” said Zhang Jun, China’s ambassador to the UN.

  • 3:10 am: US diplomats in Ukraine leave for Poland for “security reasons”.

“For security reasons, State Department personnel currently in Lviv stay overnight in Poland,” US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said in a statement.

  • 1:32 am: UN Security Council convenes

The UN Security Council, especially at the request of its Western members, will hold a public emergency meeting on Monday at 9 pm (GMT 2 pm) on Russia’s recognition of the independence of separatist territories in Ukraine.

The countries behind the emergency session request are based on a letter sent to the UN from the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Norway and Albania, Ukraine. Reached Mexico at their request.

In February, Russia, the current president of the Security Council and controlling the agenda, sought to impose a closed session, but the United States opposed it.

  • 1:30 am: Facing Russia, the Ukrainian president promises “nothing to fear.”

Volodymyr Zhelensky, in his address to the Ukrainian nation on Tuesday, condemned the recognition of the independence of the two separatist “republics” of the Donbass by Moscow. “Ukraine calls Russia’s latest actions a violation of our state’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,” he said, adding that Ukrainians were “on their land” and “not afraid of anyone” or “anyone.” One piece of the country “.

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The Ukrainian president added that he expects “clear” and “effective” support for his country from Western allies in the face of Russia. “It’s very important to see who our true friend is now.”

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