May 18, 2022

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What Land-Based Casinos Could Take from Online Casino Providers to Secure Their Future

Over the past number of years, online casinos have grown, almost outgrowing land-based casinos. It is not only in the gambling sector that this has happened, but everywhere.

Countries are adopting online voting systems and even businesses are being run online.  Many more activities that used to be done physically have now shifted with the digital world.

Land-based casinos have to act quickly and learn from online casino providers to remain relevant. Borrowing a few ideas to boost their business and appeal to the younger generation is exactly what they need.

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Increasing privacy

One thing that has made online casinos popular in the near past has been the amount of privacy their clients get. No one except the client and casino knows of their personal information, like how much they spend on gambling.

Most people want to enjoy gambling without being judged.  The best way to do that is if no one knows about your information.

For land-based casinos, trying to introduce more private rooms that are not necessarily for VIPs would help. Currently, any private rooms in casinos are reserved for VIPs.  Creating a safe space for normal clients as well is crucial. Some clients are antisocial and only prefer playing with their friends and without disturbance.

The use of crypto

In line with the issue of privacy, crypto fits right in. This is because a client’s bank information and other personal details are not needed when using crypto. All that is required is a key to approve the transaction. Online casinos are still mastering this trick, and so far, it is working. The current generation moves with current trends, and crypto is at the top of the list right now.

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Land-based casinos can introduce the option to pay using crypto. This way, the millennials, who are the majority of clients in the casino, can feel right at home. Also, this will help improve the casinos’ safety because there will be reduced risks of thefts involving cash. It solves two problems and even makes work easier for everyone. Nobody has to carry around large sums of cash.

Variety of games

Other than security and privacy, another important feature of online casinos is the number of games they offer. Land-based casinos also offer many games, but not compared to online casinos.

They offer a wide variety of games that ensures their clients never get bored. Sometimes one is tired of gambling or playing a certain category. They should be able to change to another to keep the adrenaline going. Also, online casinos offer some games for free.

This does not mean that land-based casinos have to necessarily offer free games, because it will be hard. First, because people will take advantage and only come for the free games.

Also, the casinos may incur extra costs, and start recording losses. Instead, they can introduce certain terms. For example, if you play a certain game a specific number of times, you can be allowed to play it for free for another round or two.

This way, the casino will still make money, and the customers will still be happy. Two birds will be killed with one stone because more people will be attracted to such offers. Also, the land-based casinos can introduce games that can only be played online, but put them on the casino by installing more computers.

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Better bonuses

Most people, especially the younger generation, sign up for online casinos just for bonuses. This may seem like something negative, but it is what makes them happy, and the customers’ happiness is always the priority. Online casinos offer bonuses like welcome bonuses and milestone bonuses.

These involve maybe playing for six months or so, among other types of bonuses. Land-based casinos also have to find a way to introduce these types of bonuses.

The easiest type of bonus to introduce is a welcome bonus. New customers to the casino can be offered more games for a reduced amount, or free chips and points.

This will build trust and good faith, which encourages the clients to always come back for more. Also, offering cash bonuses to non-VIP members may be a good gesture, as most online casinos do.

Currently, most land-based casinos mostly offer cash bonuses on huge payments to VIP members only. This does not encourage the majority population who are not VIPs. The membership bonuses always encourage members to stick around. They are also a good way for land-based casinos to stay relevant and in business.

Decentralizing their branches

Generation Z, as they are referred to, like things the easy way. The biggest reason why they prefer online casinos to land-based casinos is the stress of a commute. With online casinos, they don’t have to travel at all to access them. They just have to be next to an electronic device like a computer or phone. Uncontrollable variables, like the intensity of traffic, don’t favor land-based casinos.

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Since the variables are not in control, a controllable solution has to be brought up. A very good solution is decentralizing the casinos, such that any major area with a good population has a land-based casino. This way, casinos don’t have to be in the middle of central business districts, making them hard to access.

Other ways to make land-based casinos more like online casinos could be telling the workers to engage positively with clients. It may seem like a petty reason, but computers, which are the workers of online casinos, are not rude. They cannot chase customers away. In land-based casinos, the workers have to know how to be professional and not intimidating.


Land-based casinos and online casinos each have their own set of features that make them distinctive and intriguing. It does not imply that one alternative is superior to the other. Online casinos are tough to compete with. However, implementing the above changes will help give them competition and make land-based casinos popular again.