December 8, 2022

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Les bactéries vaginales en cause dans les fausses-couches
If vaginal damage to microbiota, this could cause abortions. Play © Google

Vaginal secretions can be obtained by 100 million to 1 billion microorganisms. According to a new study, abortion may have caused the sexually transmitted imbalance. We’ll explain.

Took place a miscarriage in ten women

The photograph was now out. According to a new English study, published in PoliciesIn addition, miscarriage can lead to changes in vaginal microbiota. There are inflammation caused by these changes in the bacteria that are responsible for the termination of this Menu. Therefore, Dr. Karen Grewal commented that this “can have a new view of reason for the root causes of the results.”

No abnormalities in the fetus

The study of Imperial College London 167 pregnant women between March 2014 February 2019. A total of 93 women abortions and gave birth to 74 full term. Among the women who have made one Abortion54 no chromosomal abnormalities in the pension.

Prevents vaginal microbiota other bacteria

In their study by London researchers, describe the key role of vaginal microorganisms in the fight against other bacteria.Today, it was the real fact, Vaginal flora Lactobacillus brevis is very rich in the production of acid.  Second prevent the growth of other harmful bacteria. As such, abundance of substances contribute to the spread of certain germs in the body.

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