March 21, 2023

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How does the scan function happen?

Un scanner.

A painless radiological test, which allows the X-rays to restore from a portion in the body of 2 or 3 measurements.UN it

Radiological examination forms, also called computerized tomography Scanner The aim of my product is the sectional images of an area of human body.

After processing of the computer, they can render an area examining 2 or 3 dimensions. In simple terms, their density gives the ability to get X-rays measured. On the top of the screen, anatomical structures or limbs are put into ash.

Why use scanner?

With a complete scan in volume one can predict a change or an structural anomaly, such as a tumor, embolism, etc.. Therefore, it is recommended if one wants :

  • Learn more about an intervention plan area ;
  • In the same vein, specify the location and know precisely the extent of an injury ;
  • Take control of chemotherapy effects or biopsy guide in case of cancer treatment.

Scanner before test

In some cases images need an contrast medium, injection, which is obscure certain elements of the body to promote their visibility. Even if that is well accepted by the body, that is right in theAllergy Some medications, but also if you suffer from asthma, eczema orAccountThe professional suggested by the scanner did not mention it. Applies to chronic disease like the same Flatulence Taking regular or regular medication.

It is worth mentioning that a treatment, bring the appropriate prescription before reaching the site, will result in possible results during this period and previous analysis.Toothbrushes. The patient has it for you to get rid of any metal objects and take off some clothes.

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The scanner steps

Most of the time, it was less than one hour…