December 8, 2022

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Blue March: St. briue-screening for colon cancer to save lives…

Blue March: St. briue-screening for colon cancer to save lives...

Isolated family. With the mechanism of Mars bli, the center of the regional cancer screening coordination (CSC and the league’s performance against cancer) has been greatly improved. Colorectal cancerIn addition, encourage the practice of immune testing as soon as necessary. The targeted population is between 50 and 74 years old,and the campaign’s goal is to exceed 45% shows, the rate was only 31.5% the second casualties of colorectal cancer.

To order a screening kit online

“The device is normal and free to use at home: it is a per GO and that is perishable kit for avoiding the beginning and especially holidays of the week, so it should be used quickly.” The presence of polyps and cancers. But you are advised to get in this point, that ‘you start with this point’ means, ‘you want to delete the polyps meaning’ Emmanuel Blin ‘to begin with this point,” says Emmanuel Blin, a coordinated doctor.

For optimal effect, the test must be implemented every two years. Together, who got used to, during the health crisis, use the internet: a new site will be available soon, for round killing cancer.Didier Didier

Another chance for men and women under the age of 50 out of 74 who have received an invitation letter from the site online colorectal cancer screening kit..

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