December 8, 2023

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Omisran: you know this characteristic that smells sweet…

Omisran: you know this characteristic that smells sweet...

Swedish study highlighted the fact that in some patients, falling down to an omen appears in odinophobia.

Sore throat, breathing difficulties, headaches, digestive disorders, dizziness … Covid-19 has increased characteristics. Last? It can be described as respiratory, saliva or discomfort during swallowing food. It has also been reported in some patients that the omnipron variant was infected.

Cowid-19 and there are many more of the commonalities between angina, flu and other nasopharynitis. Between headaches, bouts of fatigue, sore throat or breathing, there is actually something to doubt when you are one of these symptoms.

A symptom observed during angina

According to Swedish researchers, we learn new words about the most common characteristics, which is neither at the end of our surprises, nor at the end of our ability. Thus, omisron contrasts with infected patients will be further removed from the odinagia. Angina or digestive disorders, this symptom is characterized by trouble or pain when swallowing.

To prove this, the PR team Pam Yaakov* Covid-19 records of positive patients were analyzed and treat entrance disorders, between 1Er And on January 23, 2022.

Youth, vaccine and good health

In addition, it also affects the aging population, not having vaccines and risk factors. Epiglottis** appears close to discomfort and pain described as refers to, this inflammation of epiglottis, existing gland…

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