March 28, 2023

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Technology Trends in iGaming

Over the past couple of years, gambling has experienced a sharp leap in technology development. This is the very bright future for iGaming: the current market players are increasingly moving online. Also, many technological innovations are embedded in the gaming industry, which makes it especially interesting not only for participants, but also for developers. Real casinos are embodied in live casino games with the dealer.

IT specialists in gambling are now seeing with their own eyes how the entertainment industry and the world are changing. Not so long ago, a player who was immersed in online by force now chooses to stay online, because this way you can get a unique extensive experience. Let’s see what the brave new world of the iGaming industry offers.


Recently, we have witnessed a boom in decentralized blockchain technology in general, and in particular towards cryptocurrency, a secure and private payment method. In online casinos, accepting cryptocurrencies is becoming the norm, as player information remains secret.

Only a few cryptocurrencies are used in iGaming today, Ethereum and USTD are some of the most common, but high volatility is still a significant disadvantage.


Experts regularly discuss how much attitudes towards online casinos have changed since the pandemic. Previously, the scales leaned towards the fact that, nevertheless, a real casino is a unique valuable physical experience of the game and a special atmosphere. But even this can now be found on gaming sites in the lobby of the best live casinos with online games.

After all the difficult events of the past year, the emphasis has shifted to the player’s online experience. The importance of real human interaction and the reality we live in now has inspired the industry to innovate like AR/VR.

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Thanks to VR, players get a three-dimensional experience that they could get in a real casino, and the usefulness of AR in a more convenient format for presenting information about jackpots, bonuses, promotions and statistics. The technology is also evolving towards being used in land-based casinos as an extension.

VR/AR is an interesting next step, but it’s hard to make them available to the public. Not all platforms are technologically advanced, Internet availability is high, and gaming devices are powerful enough to handle complex streaming.

Mobile versions

The path of a player from going to the site to withdrawing funds is of great importance. Online casinos have learned in practice that the overloaded interface that works in Europe will be a problem in Africa due to the quality of mobile phones and slow internet speeds. Simplifying the user experience doesn’t just improve their gaming experience, it also makes them playable overall.

Thanks to the careful design of the casinos’ mobile versions, players no longer need to download applications, and often the geographical location does not matter. In fact, this is a light version of the site associated with the client platform. In the same place, any customer can replenish the account or withdraw the winnings, use live casino bonuses, or contact support.

It’s an exciting time for developers in iGaming right now, because the landscape is changing fast and it’s in the technological direction. On the one hand, processes are simplified to make entertainment more accessible to a wide audience. On the other hand, they become more difficult, because the appetites of the players are growing, and the needs are changing. All developers are working on innovative solutions for the iGaming industry.

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