December 8, 2022

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“Telejournal Weekend”: Claudine Bourbonise officially replaces Pascal

"Telejournal Weekend": Claudine Bourbonise officially replaces Pascal

One year after the departure of Pascal Nado, the Weekend newscast Has a new official newscaster and journalist Claudine Bourbonise won the position, which lasted for months on an interim basis.

M.Me Bourbonise, who began his radio career in Edmonton in 1990, has been in RDI and in power since 1995. Weekend afternoon newscast From 2005 to 2021.

Anchor of Pascal Nadeyu Weekend newscast 12 years and she has been doing television for 38 years. She retired last year after being suspended without pay in February following an employee complaint that criticized her for comments she made last year.

Ms Nadee did not return to the news after her suspension and the public broadcaster announced her retirement late last summer.

In a letter shared on August 18th The sunPascal Nado, the daughter of the late journalist Pierre Nado, did not hide her bitterness.

“With this research, Radio-Canada has attacked my integrity. By granting me this way, based on an anonymous rebuttal made in the name of a third party and an investigation into which no clear conclusion can be drawn, she trampled on her own principles of ethics and journalistic rigor. Proudly campaigning as a standard, ”Ms. Nadeyu wrote in her letter.

“I just asked for a simple apology to come back to work and remove this stain from my file. Nothing more than that. But Radio-Canada did not apologize. I am a woman of principle, pride and honesty. We attacked it and at the same time, we smeared my name, which I am proud to wear, and the name of my parents who contributed, among other things, to delivering superior letters to Radio-Canada, ”she concluded.

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The case is still under arbitration.

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