December 6, 2022

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Western nations unite against Russian invasion of Ukraine

Western nations unite against Russian invasion of Ukraine

Action. Reactions. Canada, the United States and the European Union rallied against Moscow on Tuesday in response to “the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine,” according to the White House, announcing a series of major economic sanctions targeting Russia.

“These sanctions represent an important step and target those responsible for the violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,” he said. Justin Trudeau At a press conference at the end of the day. They will remain in place until the territorial integrity of Ukraine is restored. ⁇

These decisions did not seem to move Vladimir Putin.

The next day Recognition of the independence of the two pro-Russian regions of UkraineThe head of the Kremlin announced the cancellation of peace agreements negotiated with the former Soviet Republic for these territories east of the occupied country since 2014 and the establishment of diplomatic relations with the “republics” of Donetsk and Lugansk. Not recognized by the international community.

The move is aimed at establishing “comprehensive cooperation” with Russia, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and “strengthening peace, stability and security in the region.” On Tuesday, the head of the Kremlin also received a green light from his parliament to deploy troops in separatist areas, from Kiev to “protect” them from what Moscow is aggressively pointing out. A campaign by NATO has caused concern, with its Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg describing the current severity as “the most dangerous moment for a generation of European security”.

“Moscow has moved to expose military action from a covert attempt to destabilize Ukraine,” he said, referring to a “large-scale invasion” of Ukraine planned by Russia. “We are seeing an ongoing military build-up. We are seeing more and more armed forces coming out of the camps and entering the combat structure, ready for strike.”

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Range of sanctions

In response, Washington on Tuesday announced “first tranche” sanctions, blocking Russia’s access to Western funds and targeting “Russian celebrities”, including Alexander Bortnikov, head of Russian intelligence (FSB), as well as financial institutions. Country. “We are implementing broad sanctions on Russia’s sovereign debt,” Biden told a news conference from the White House. “And if Russia goes further with this attack, we are ready to go further with sanctions,” he added.

Canada’s “independent territories have followed the United States leadership in the coming hours by banning all Canadian financial transactions to Lugansk and Donetsk and imposing sanctions on members of the Russian parliament who voted against the illegal decision,” Trudeau said.

In the process, the prime minister said he had authorized Latvia to “deploy 460 members of the Canadian Armed Forces” and send “additional warships and sea patrol aircraft”. “We do this to strengthen our commitment to NATO and to promote peace and security in Europe.”

Ottawa “also called on the Russian ambassador [lui] I demand an explanation for Russia’s continued aggression, violation of international law and neglect of Ukraine’s sovereignty, “tweeted Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Jolie. Earlier in the day, EU diplomat Joseph Borel added that 27 member states of the European Union had “unanimously” approved a “sanctions package” against Russia and warned that they would be “deeply hurt”. He spoke about the freezing of assets and the visa ban for the 351 Russian Duma deputies who approved the independence of the territories.

“The sanctions target 27 individuals and organizations that undermine or threaten Ukraine’s territorial integrity, its sovereignty and its independence,” said Joseph Borel, while pointing out that “defense actors playing a role in the invasion”. The country, “those who launched the false propaganda against Ukraine” and “the banks that finance Russian officials and other activities in these separatist territories”.

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According to Ms, the same story towards the G7, where foreign ministers met on Tuesday to “discuss Russia’s gross disregard for Ukrainian sovereignty”.Me Cool. “We are united in our determination to support Ukraine and to impose sanctions on Russia for its actions,” she added.

Berlin’s announcement of the freezing of the largest Nordstream 2 gas pipeline project, which Germany expects to double Russia’s gas supply with a 1,230 – kilometer tube under the Baltic Sea with a gas capacity of 55 billion cubic meters, remains the most spectacular measure. Per year. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said the project, which has been a source of tension in the European Union and the United States for years, would be subject to political “reconsideration” by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs due to the new “geopolitics”.

The thin hope of reconciliation

For Justin Trudeau, “Vladimir Putin” underestimated the resilience of the international community’s response that “it will face an attack on Ukraine, which will cost him a lot.”

US President Joe Biden hopes to prevent a “worst case scenario” in Ukraine, which will “cause enormous suffering to millions of people.” “We will judge Russia by its actions, not by its words. And whatever Russia does next, we are ready to respond with unity, clarity and confidence. I hope the diplomatic channel remains open,” he added.

But this path, after several weeks of futile negotiations between Moscow and the West, is fragile. On Tuesday, the head of the US embassy, ​​Anthony Blinken, said after Moscow had identified two separatist areas in eastern Ukraine that he would not meet with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov this week as planned. “Now that the invasion has begun and we see that Russia has clearly rejected any diplomacy, it makes no sense to meet with us at this stage,” he told a news conference with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba.

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