September 26, 2023

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79% of women do not know this seemingly characteristic may hide ovarian cancer

79% of women do not know this seemingly characteristic may hide ovarian cancer


  • In 2018, 3,500 French women died from ovarian cancer and 5,200 new cases were recorded.
  • Siniib lamented:” most of the patients are being treated in an advanced stage of cancer.”

According to a new survey by the British volunteer Target cervical cancerWomen still know very little about ovarian cancer symptoms.

“These numbers quite disappointing”

Why do I treat more people seriously? The survey found that 79% of 1000 English women did not know that bloating could be a manifestation of disease. 78% of abdominal pain is the same idea about, and 97% do not know should alert the rapid arrival of satiety. Fresh alarming figure:40% had also been mistakenly assumed that ovarian cancer was found by cervical cancer screening

“These statistics are quite disappointing. “I know that I have made a difference, but that is not enough, thank the past ten years devoted thousands of people, but that is not enough.”Annven Jones, chief executive officer of the Target Ovarian Cancer. “It is essential that everyone knows characteristics. The government will have to do large-scale campaigns, support the government. “From ovarian cancer, fewer women will need to treat incision and, ultimately, fewer patients will die boldly from ovarian cancer.”She adds.

Contact properties should be prompt

Ovarian cancer symptoms are difficult to identify, especially at an early stage. They are similar to those with less severe conditions, such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or an early syndrome (P should lead to contact and think about a possible ovarian cancer for him:…

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