May 24, 2022

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Can Eric Duheim say anything?

Can Eric Duheim say anything?

Friends, I have decided to go into politics!

I’m going to find my party: People’s Party, Real World Party, Ordinary World Party, Upside Down Cap Party or something like that I have not decided yet …

But no matter what name I choose, I understand that Mr. and Mrs. are with everyone, taxpayers get up quickly to put peanut butter on their children’s toast and the elite members take it lightly in their yacht.

Can a chef say anything?

When I am going to ask a question on a very specific topic, I am going to answer anything.

What do people want to hear even if there is no scientific basis.

Do you feel it is irresponsible to act like this when you are leading the political structure?

Yet this is what Eric Duheim does. And if I believe the recent polls that put the leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec in second place in Francophone, he is doing very well!

I’m not saying Mr. Duheim is nonsense. It’s one of its candidates, family doctor and emergency physician Karim Eliobi, who will run in the next election in Argentine County.

Last Friday, I met Mr. on QUB radio. I received Elayoubi.

I reminded him that his leader had told him that if he had been the Premier for Quebec, he would have lifted all health indications even in the midst of the Omicron wave.

“Jason Kenny did exactly the same in Alberta and it was a disaster,” I told Mr Elobi. The number of hospitals has increased exponentially. ⁇

In fact, there are more patients in intensive care than during the fourth wave.

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“Do you agree with what your boss said?” Do you think acting like this in Quebec is a good decision? ⁇

Candidate response: “Mr. Duhaim is a party leader, he is not an expert. ⁇

Uh …

So can the boss say anything?

Eric Duheim has no TV or radio, he does not know what the experts are saying? Did he not contact them?

Oops, that’s true! Mr. Duhaim has “his” own experts !!!

An anti-abortion doctor and owner of a private clinic, the conspirator found himself before a disciplinary council for inciting protests against the wearing of masks by the “Foundation for the Defense of People’s Rights and Freedom” organized by Stephen Blaise.

That’s skill, friends!

Speaking through your hat

Sunday, at Everyone talks about itDuhaim said that if the per capita Kovid deaths were twice as high in Quebec in Florida, there would be twice as many elderly people there as here.

However, as Jean-Franకోois Lizzie demonstrated in her podcast, the proportion of people aged 65 and over in Florida is 21% … 19% in Quebec.

But hey, what’s this important?

Eric Duhaim is a party leader, he can say anything!

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