April 2, 2023

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Guy Laliberte invites the creative community to launch the “Physical” world

Guy Laliberte invites the creative community to launch the "Physical" world

Junction between words Physical And Digital (Digital, in French), The Physical (Physioconnection) is meant to be almost synonymous with metawares, where reality is digital thanks to virtual and augmented reality.

Who is a businessman Sold its stake in Cirque du Soleil in 2020, Have been relatively prudent on social networks for the past two years. He boosted his online appearances with some techno-style musical tracks he created in early 2022 and a tribute to his recently deceased parents.

But since the end of January, the extraordinary billionaire has been going wild on Instagram with problematic videos of frogs live from his home on the island of Hawaii. In one of them, at the end of a table set for a dozen stuffed frogs before sunset, we can see them dressed like amphibians.

In many of his posts, he asked his fans to find him online for a big announcement on 2/22/2022 at 10:22 pm Greenwich Mean Time.

Between the lines we can understand that this is content to enhance his DJ career with Frog Collective (Collective of Frogs) and record company artists. I want to be frog. Frog Is a nickname with an insulting meaning that English speakers sometimes give to Quebecs.

But Guy Laliberte’s ambitions go further: he wants to mix the future of entertainment Arts, technology and human relations.

The future of entertainment

The businessman started in Montreal with Loon Rouge in Hanai WorldHave (New window)Have Almost a year ago. This platform uses Mixed Reality technology (virtual reality and augmented reality) from Microsoft Mesh.

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Adding these technical elements to the shows is then a question, Both face-to-face and virtual. Loon Rouge plans to launch the first virtual reality events by the end of 2021, but nothing has aired yet.

The February 22 announcement finally relied primarily on the call for art communities to join Hanai World, especially through the Discard server, which currently has approximately 830 members.

My goal, with the digital world of Honey World, [est] To encourage and motivate the creative youth of this world.

A quote from Guy Laliberte

When I founded Cirque du Soleil, I created theatrical experiences for the traditional medium – the circus. By creating Honey World, we provide theatrical experiences based on the contemporary platform-metawaresWe can read on Hanai World’s Facebook page.

Guy Laliberte also announced that he will launch the first physioconnect collection of non-fungal tokens (JFN) this spring.

What are non-fungal tokens?

Non-Fungal Tokens (Non-fungal tokensOr NFT) is a kind of certification of the authenticity of a work whose ownership history is preserved and publicly accessed through blockchain technology.

As for his frog videos, he wants to reassure: Some of you may think I have lost my mind, but I can assure you, I’re just reconnected with a character like in the days of Les Hesciors de By-Saint-PaulHe wrote in an Instagram post after the announcement.