December 8, 2022

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Rains in Chennai.!!

Rains in Chennai.!!

Malawi on Thursday announced that it will launch the National Polio Vaccine campaign in March, after 30 years was found in the first case.

In South Africa a case was discovered by wild politicians.

According to a representative of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Malawi, the four-year-old girl diagnosed with polio was not fully vaccinated.

Authorities are targeting vaccination of nearly three million children under the age of five. “The next polio vaccine campaign, in four weeks, to carry out vaccination. (..”QUEEN du, director of the Health Department of Malawi, said Float.

An order was ordered to approximately 14 million doses for the vaccine to be vaccinated. The vaccine must extend beyond the borders of Malawi and target some districts in neighboring countries, she added.

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Spokesman, on Tuesday epidemic called a “very serious situation”. Mr. Liu said.”Because this is a national emergency we should take swift action collectively,” he said at a news conference.

. Malawian president Lazarus chivera was declared a national health emergency.

Tests of the laboratory have been found that concerning a strain circulated in the strain Sindh province, Pakistan.Laboratory testing

An infectious and contagious virus that causes paralysis, is locals in Pakistan and its neighboring country, Afghanistan.

There’s Africa…

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