March 21, 2023

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I locked my house | The Journal of Montreal

I locked my house |  The Journal of Montreal

I’m not superstitious, but to this day, I vaguely know that “boasting” about escaping Kovid will bring me bad luck. I have to hit the wood as they say. Because with our mixed family of five children in three different schools, the question is not whether or not we are going to get Omicron.

Basement radio

On Monday morning, the test we passed for one of the little ones turned out to be more than positive. The line is almost phosphorescent. After browsing government and school sites to understand the isolation instructions, the verdict was: We are under house arrest.

So I’m going to live five conflicting days, trapped with my kids, but the whole of Quebec is being decimated and we’re going to give up the masks.

I have not really experienced the parenting version of Telecommuting Solo yet. And there, besides balancing work and family, I have to host the 2:30 show live from my basement. All of this with kids trying to occupy themselves and not making noise.

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Everything went well

Against all odds, I liked my week. Not the limited-you-can’t-go-side. No. I appreciated the time I spent with my young children, helping them with their work, explaining my work to them as well and talking to them about what is currently happening in Ukraine. A strange feeling, when we are well sheltered and when we overwhelm ourselvesRevenge.

Oh, it’s not always easy. One cried a couple of times. But I measure how lucky I am and how lucky I am to have each other in these chaotic times. I was overwhelmed with how resilient my children were, with the resources and, above all, compassion for me and the mother who needed to be restored. All.

I swear, they even helped me clean up. We used the opportunity to talk about Vladimir Putin slipping and the fear that the Ukrainians should have at this point.

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They are the cute kids we have collectively. Yes, they are experiencing troubled times, but it makes them better human beings than we are, I think for sure. The future is theirs. And that’s good.