December 6, 2022

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Ovarian cancer: this harmful symptom should be concerned

Ovarian cancer: this harmful symptom should be concerned

Bloating. It can actually be revealed to ovarian cancer, this seemingly harmful symptom. According to the National Cancer Institute of ovarian cancer, the most common cancers in women ranks eighth. More than 5,000 new cases each year are diagnosed in France each year.

A survey conducted by the British charity Target cervical cancer With 1,000 women and Yahoo News Survey revealed that 79% of women “do not know that bloating is a feature”. More than three quarters.This characteristic of more than three quarters of women surveyed also becomes “a key sign”.

“Detection of symptoms is a key to everyone,” says Annen Jones. “We have to do continuous and large-scale campaigns.I need promotional activities in many countries around the world and are resilient. If we do this, less people will be diagnosed as late. “Progress is possible,” said the executive director of charity for this still very little known disease struggle and Prevention.

Goal? “As Dr.

Avoid less late diagnosis

These are also signs of disease, such as abdominal pain and transport defects in the pelvic region. But that’s not all. A strong hemorrhage or an unusual increase in the volume of desire very often, even worrying symptoms may occur when it comes to ovarian cancer.

Yahoo News points out, after the discovery of a ovarian mass, several tests are required to confirm the diagnosis.Some tests of cervical cancer screening is not enough.

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