May 22, 2022

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A study analyzes the behaviors of a patient

A study analyzes the behaviors of a patient

Dr Adrien Julian Poitiers is a neurologist at the University Hospital.Julian is realising by Julian, she’s a scientific. He will launch an indite study to follow daily actions of 90 patients suffering from memory loss.

A text message you can shout the word “ficus” and, a few months later, you can choose to shout “green plant”, it means a lot. If you walk around your house regularly and take a detour of you one day, it is also a sign.

It is aimed at analyzing these behaviors of Alzheimer’s patients or in case of memory loss Dr Adrien Julian, neurologist at the University Hospital of Poitiers In addition, Apple will launch an independent study “through a mobile application for further development of the company.


These patients will be done after the completion, but also Bordeaux, Limoges, Paris and La roachelle. The patients will gather messages sent from three categories.

One minute? Behind his mask, the young doctor smiled: “still, I assure you that I’m not a geek. “We noticed that connected objects are best reflect our daily habits”.

Secure application

This application is ” secure, National Commission of Informatics and freedoms and certified by Data stats can be The patients “three months to collect 90 patients data” allows them to”analyze through a server.”

90 patients bile, but also followed the Bordeaux, liges, Paris and La Rochelle. Trips sent from three categories of patients can collect, habits, calls and messages: memory-based memory with a neuroscientific predictions; those who have an anti-estimate memory loss; those with Alzheimer’s disease. “The objective is to determine if the application highlights the differences between these three…

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