March 30, 2023

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Comoros | A plane carrying 14 people crashed into the sea

Comoros |  A plane carrying 14 people crashed into the sea

(Moroni) We learned from accepted sources that a small plane carrying twelve passengers and two pilots crashed into the sea on Saturday between two islands in the Comoros archipelago in the Indian Ocean.

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Updated at 2:38 p.m.

“Ongoing research activities […] The Ministry of Transport said in a statement that the DGG was confirming the crash by locating the wreckage of the aircraft in the coastal area.

The government said all 12 passengers were Comorians and two crew members were Tanzanian nationals.

The airline said it was “saddened by AB Aviation’s announcement this Saturday that the plane had disappeared” between Moroni, the capital of Grande Comoros Island, and Phomboni on Moheli Island, 90 km away. In the afternoon, mentioning that it was a Cessna-style aircraft.

The plane, which left the capital in the afternoon, was scheduled to land about forty minutes later. But “he disappeared from radar 2.5 km from his destination airport”, “at sea”, the company said.

Crisis units were set up for families on each of the two islands. In Moroni, the brother of a traveler, ED Boina, 55, expressed his anguish. “I have no hope. Tomorrow, we will start prosecuting my sister, ”he told AFP.

Fishermen and speedboats immediately sailed to the location where the signal was lost, and we learned from the authorities that they had requested assistance from the French government from the neighboring island of Mayotte.

“Three speedboats were dispatched, which made it possible to retrieve the wreckage and belongings of the passengers from the plane,” explained Director General of Police Abdel-Qadir Mohammed.

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“Tomorrow, we will continue the search. There is hope as long as the body is available, ”he added.