February 23, 2024

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Despite the setbacks, Donald Trump has the upper hand over the Republican Party.

Despite the setbacks, Donald Trump has the upper hand over the Republican Party.

He lost the 2020 presidential election and his role in the January 6, 2021 Capital storm is under investigation. But nothing helps: Donald Trump continues to dominate the Republican Party, where almost no one can overwhelm him.

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The former American president, 75, will speak Saturday before the annual meeting of the CPAC, American Conservatives, in Orlando, Florida. An opportunity to confirm his popularity among his supporters.

In anticipation of his arrival, his presence can be seen everywhere in the hotel where the meeting is being held: as in the speeches of “Make America Great Again” (Make America Great, its campaign slogan) in the Red Caps. Republican Senator Ted Cruz has captured the ridicule and attacks on people hated by conservatives.

“Trump is so popular that no matter what attitude he takes, most Republicans think we should do the same or at least not criticize him as much,” explained Aubrey Juvet, a professor of political science at Central University. Florida.

“Because if they do, her revenge is formidable and she adds a man who fears” political revenge.

Whether the Republicans like it or not, during this crucial midterm election year, Republicans will have to make a deal with him because some of the statements he made are politically damaging.

For example, last month, Mr. He said if Trump is re-elected in 2024, he could forgive the participants in the January 6 attack. Only a handful of Republicans have publicly opposed the opportunity, for example New Hampshire Governor Chris Sunu.

There is also the former president with the idea that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from him, repeated without proof that it was tainted with massive fraud. However, according to a poll by Politico Media, half of the Republican electorate wants to go ahead with the issue.

“I think a lot of Republican leaders should leave it at that. They do not think it is the future of the party. They don’t want to talk about issues that are controversial among voters, “said Aubrey Juvet.

Donald Trump “remains a man of support, especially in the most traditional areas,” said Susan McMahonas, an Emeritus professor at the University of South Florida.

“However, we often see that certain aspects of language or tone do not work with women voters. And they are often undecided voters, ”she underlines.

As far as Mr. Trump’s influence is concerned, some voices have emerged for the party leadership to compete with him.

Only Florida Gov. Ron Desantis can come close. On Thursday, in his speech at the CPAC, Mr. DeSantis was able to confirm that he had strong support among conservatives.

Applause, applause at the end of his speech … welcomed his criticism of the sanctions by Democratic President Joe Biden and the federal government, in the wake of which the governor declared himself a defender of personal freedom.

Some of his decisions in Florida, such as his refusal to wear masks against COVID-19 in schools, have become one of the media’s favorites, such as Fox News.

And Mr. Although DeSantis refuses to think about the White House, his popularity may change his mind.

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According to a poll released by the University of North Florida this week and conducted among Republicans in the state, the governor is almost certainly tied to Donald Trump as a favorite for the presidential election.

“As governor, Desantis has a very good understanding of the financial issues affecting local authorities and local businesses. And he can talk about the economy in a way that people can understand more. And the economy is a big thing right now, “he said.Me MacManus.

A sign of Mr. Desantis’ growing influence, The New York Times With the governor refusing to say publicly that he will not run in 2024 if the former president enters the race, he and Mr. Reported that there were tensions between Trump.

However, Mr. Donald Trump, who has contributed greatly to DeSantis’ career growth, is seeking unwavering loyalty from his supporters.

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